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Homeschool Curriculum Bundle, Grade K

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Your Grade K Homeschool Curriculum Bundle provides a supplemental curriculum with 11 colorful activity books and flashcards that cover essential foundational skills. The bundle also includes a downloadable Teaching Guide. Read more below
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Homeschool Curriculum Bundle
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Your Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum Bundle provides a supplemental curriculum with 11 colorful activity books and flashcards that cover important foundational skills for reading, writing, language, math, science, geography, and critical thinking. The bundle also includes a downloadable Homeschool Teaching Guide to help you as your child’s teacher ($19.99 value!).

The learning resources in this bundle provide everything your child needs for written practice of essential skills for kindergarten (ages 5–6 years). The fun illustrations, themes, art projects, and hands-on and written activities will keep your child engaged in learning important kindergarten skills—and get ready for first grade.

The downloadable Homeschool Teaching Guide answers questions such as How do I teach my child? and How long is a school day? and provides 40+ pages of tips and teaching support, including:

  • What your child needs to learn throughout the year
  • How to support your child’s development
  • How to plan your school day (with a printable schedule template)
  • How to use the books over a 30-week school year
  • Ideas for additional and essential learning experiences

Each workbook provides practice of skills and concepts in specific curriculum areas. To see how these resources work together for a 30-week school year, view the Suggested Curriculum Overview.

Literacy and Reading
Your child will practice and learn spelling patterns, phonics, and writing words and sentences. Your child will practice beginning reading skills such as reading short stories that contain sight words and common nouns and build reading comprehension skills through activities such as predicting, identifying same/different, and categorizing.

Skill Sharpeners: Spell and Write
Learning Line: Word Families Flash Cards
Smart Start: Read and Write
Smart Start: Sight Words
Skill Sharpeners: Reading


Language Foundations
Your child will practice and learn parts of speech, end punctuation, and sight words; read and write simple sentences; and build vocabulary. Hands-on activities will help to provide practice of fine motor skills.

Skill Sharpeners: Grammar & Punctuation

Math Foundations
Math skill practice includes recognizing and writing numbers, counting and skip counting, comparing, patterning, adding and subtracting, and solving simple word problems. The hands-on centers provide game-like practice of math skills.

Skill Sharpeners: Math
Take It To Your Seat: Math Centers


Science Foundations
Your child will learn about physical, life, and earth science concepts through stories, activities, and hands-on experiments and observations.

Skill Sharpeners: Science

Geography Foundations
The stories, map activities, and hands-on projects introduce map skills and geography concepts to your child, covering continents and oceans, landforms and bodies of water, and weather.

Skill Sharpeners Geography

Critical and Creative Thinking
A variety of cross-curricular activities tap into your child’s creative and critical thinking skills and help your child become a better learner.

Skill Sharpeners Critical Thinking

Resources for a Complete Kindergarten Curriculum:

The Evan-Moor grade K homeschool bundle provides you with a supplemental curriculum for written practice. For a complete kindergarten program, you will need to include additional activities as suggested in the Homeschool Teaching Guide, including:

  • Books to read
  • Creative expression and play
  • Fine motor skills activities
  • Use of manipulatives for math
  • Hands-on extension activities
  • Art projects
  • Exercise
  • Social and emotional learning activities

These Evan-Moor books are recommended add-on resources for the grade K homeschool bundle:

Questions & Answers
Asked questions
Guest 10/2/2020 7:36 PM
im interested in homeschooling my kindergartner with everything going on with covid right now and a friend recommended this curriculum. we have really bad internet connection most of the time so my biggest question/worry is how much of his work with this curriculum would be "online"?
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Thank you for your inquiry.
The Homeschool Curriculum Bundles are all shippable books, so internet will not be needed once you order.  There is a resource link, Suggested Curriculum Overview, on the description page that internet access would be required to view, but the bundles themselves are shippable product.

Thank you,
Evan-Moor Publishing 10/16/2020 6:31 AM
I'm interested in the kindergarten bundle. When will it be available again?
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Thank you for your interest in Evan-Moor. This bundle is currently backordered due to titles that are not scheduled to arrive until 11/27. However, if you like to place your order now you may call our customer service department at 800-777-4362 and we'd be happy to ship the titles we have now and the others as soon as they arrive.
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Homeschool Curriculum Bundle, Grade 3


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