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Copyright Information

Distributing Evan-Moor Materials

Thank you for your interest in using Evan-Moor instructional materials. Permission to use or distribute Evan-Moor materials may be obtained by submitting an Application to Use Copyrighted Materials form.

Download the form now

To download the form, you will need the newest version of Adobe Reader. To download the newest version for free, click here.

Submit your application to:

Fax: Evan-Moor Educational Publishers
Attn: Copyrights

Mail: Evan-Moor Educational Publishers
Attn: Copyrights
10 Harris Ct, Suite C-3
Monterey, CA 93940

Note: Remember to allow adequate time when requesting permission.

Using Evan-Moor Electronic and Printed Materials

With the purchase of electronic or printed materials (such as books, e-books, interactive lessons and games, and print-on-demand teaching activities) from Evan-Moor, an Evan-Moor website, or that of an Evan-Moor authorized dealer's website, you are granted a single-classroom user license which entitles you to use or duplicate these materials for a single classroom (or home) only. Additionally, electronic materials may be transmitted to others within the community of a single classroom (or home) via a secure password protected intranet, website, electronic bulletin board, FTP site, or newsgroup. Sharing the materials or making copies for additional classrooms or schools or for other individuals is prohibited. Use of the materials for anything other than classroom instruction is a violation of Evan-Moor Educational Publishers' intellectual property rights. Evan-Moor Corporation retains full intellectual property rights on all its products, and these rights extend to printed and electronic editions of complete books and individual teaching activities offered for sale in print and digital format.

If you would like to use Evan-Moor printed materials, e-books or interactive lessons/games for additional purposes not outlined in the single-classroom license (described above), please submit anĀ Application to Use Copyrighted Materials form by fax or mail to Evan-Moor Educational Publishers, Attn: Copyrights.