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Smart Start: Read and Write, Grade 1

Create dynamic learning opportunities in the classroom or at home with the Smart Start: Read and Write Activity Book from Evan-Moor. First graders will enjoy the colorful workbook pages, themed activities, reward stickers, and audio elements of these engaging lessons. Read more below
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Smart Start: Read and Write
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How it works:

First graders complete one lesson per week, which each one themed according to an alphabet letter and a matching animal character, such as “Andy the Ant” and “Jackie the Jaguar.” Using the included answer keys, students can check their own work easily for independent learning.

Every themed unit follows a similar format and includes:

  • Alphabet stories: Introduce two-word family patterns and include an audio read-aloud option.
  • Spell It! activities: Focus on writing and vocabulary.
  • Write It! activities: Provide practice reading and writing simple sentences.
  • Read It! activities: Provide reading and reading comprehension practice.
  • Find It! activities: Provide fun word searches around the word families of the week.
  • Let’s Review! activities: This simple review activity helps you evaluate your child’s understanding of word families and provides additional practice.

Core subject areas and topics include:

  • Writing and reading simple words and sentences
  • Identifying word family patterns
  • Reading comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Following directions
  • Fine motor skills

Features and benefits:

  • Accelerate your child’s reading progress: 20 easy-to-follow weekly lessons build alphabet awareness and develop reading readiness skills.
  • Creative and fun lessons: Keep your child entertained while learning.
  • Reward stickers: Motivate your child to complete the activities.
  • Audio stories: Provide an option to listen to the audio story with your child.

Encourage kids to be creative and curious with the fun and engaging lessons in Evan-Moor’s Smart Start: Read and Write Activity Book for Grade 1.

Check out Smart Start: STEM activity books for fun hands-on projects that develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

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Thank you for your inquiry. Since this title is non-reproducible we unfortunately do not offer it in digital format. However, we may have stores in your area that carry this title. Please use the link below to find a store in your location.
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SeriesSmart Start: Read and Write
GradeGrade 1
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