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Daily Science, Grade 5 - Teacher's Edition, E-book

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Fit standards-based science instruction into your curriculum!

Help your grade 5 students develop a genuine understanding of standards-based scientific concepts and vocabulary using the 150 engaging activities in Daily Science! A variety of rich resources, including vocabulary practice, hands-on science activities, and comprehension tests in multiple-choice format, help you successfully introduce students to earth, life, and physical science concepts.

30 weeks of instruction cover the following standards-based science topics:

Big Idea 1: Living things are made mostly of cells. Multicellular organisms have different cells that perform specialized functions
Week 1: Why are bones hard and muscles soft?
Week 2: Why does skin wrinkle in the bathtub?
Week 3: What happens if you swallow gum?
Week 4: How do people give blood without running out of it?
Week 5: Unit Review

Big Idea 2: An ecosystem is a community in which every living thing fills a role
Week 1: Why do earthworms like dirt?
Week 2: Why do pandas eat plants but polar bears eat meat?
Week 3: Is the lion really the king of the jungle?
Week 4: How can so many different plants live in the rainforest?
Week 5: Unit Review

Big Idea 3: Water covers most of the Earth's surface. It circulates between oceans and land in a process called the water cycle
Week 1: Do we really drink the same water that dinosaurs did?
Week 2: Why don't rivers and lakes soak into the ground?
Week 3: What makes the desert so dry?
Week 4: Can we run out of water?
Week 5: Unit Review

Big Idea 4: Gravity is the force that keeps planets in orbit around the sun, and the moon in orbit around Earth
Week 1: Why do we weigh more on Earth than on the moon?
Week 2: What causes ocean tides?
Week 3: Why are planets round?
Week 4: Why don't planets crash into each other?
Week 5: Unit Review

Big Idea 5: Heat flows from warmer objects to cooler ones until both reach the same temperature
Week 1: How does a thermometer work?
Week 2: How does a microwave oven cook food?
Week 3: What causes hurricanes?
Week 4: How does a thermos work?
Week 5: Unit Review

Big Idea 6: When a new substance is made through a chemical reaction, it has properties that are different from the original substance
Week 1: What puts the fizz in soda?
Week 2: Why does metal rust?
Week 3: Why do batteries die?
Week 4: Why can't you light a match more than once?
Week 5: Unit Review

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Guest 2/27/2017 5:04 PM
Answers to page 70
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'Answers to that page can be found in the answer key which is included in this teacher''s edition book.'
Guest 7/19/2020 10:01 AM
I have this book for classroom. Is there any access code where I can view online due to distance learning or do I need to purchase the ebook? I was really hoping to find it online.
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Thank you for your interest. While you would need to purchase the ebook to have access to the digital copy, I would recommend you sign up for our newsletter. Once you sign up you will be emailed a code and can receive 10% off your order.
Guest 8/11/2020 10:01 AM
On the inside cover of this book, in the bottom left corner, there is an advertisement that shows an interactive app that accompanies the Daily Science materials. The advertisement says, Try this app for free. However, when trying to access the this app by using URL, the site says it is not available. How can I access the app? Thank you.
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Thank you for your inquiry. I apologize for the confusion. While we no longer offer the interactive lessons referenced on our website you may contact our customer service department at 800-777-4362 and we'll be happy to help get you access to them.
Guest 8/20/2020 11:20 AM
With the ebook, can certain pages be assigned to students via google classroom? Are then the editable?
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Thanks for your inquiry. You can copy/paste text, extract pages and mark up pages with advanced editing and drawing tools. Evan-Moor resources can be posted to an online learning environment, provided that they are only available to users with a password protected account. This copyright waiver is valid until December 31st, 2020.  We ask that you follow copyright guidelines outside of this emergency situation. Please let me know if you have any questions about this policy.  You can contact me by calling 1-800-777-4362 ext 305.
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