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Designed to fit into any curriculum, Evan-Moor’s Fundamentals teaching resources target skills and strategies within the core studies of math, reading comprehension, language, and vocabulary. Perfect for the busy teacher or homeschooler, these in-depth lessons help children learn fundamental skills within each grade level. The Fundamentals series also complement the skills practiced in the Daily Practice series. Support students’ learning and simplify the lesson planning process!

Available for grades 1–6
Aligned to the most current standards

Language Fundamentals

Reading Comprehension Fundamentals

Reading Comprehension Fundamentals
  • Nonfiction and fiction reading units
  • Practices standards-based reading strategies
  • Activities teach reading skills, strategies, text structures, and genres
Math Fundamentals
  • Incorporates real-world problem-solving
  • Provides strategy models
  • Blends with any math program as a supplement or comprehensive resource
Vocabulary Fundamentals
  • Increases vocabulary
  • Improves reading comprehension
  • Builds writing vocabulary
  • Improves spelling
Daily Fundamentals
  • Provides consistent spiral review throughout the school year
  • Follows the daily practice format
  • One page of cross-curricular practice of language, reading, and math skills
  • Ideal for morning work, homework, and informal assessment

Better Together

Designed to work together, the Fundamentals titles and Daily Practice titles provide you a powerful teaching resource! Try these pairings to review and reinforce skills:

  • Math Fundamentals and Daily Math Practice
  • Reading Comprehension Fundamentals and Daily Reading Comprehension
  • Language Fundamentals and Daily Language Review
  • Vocabulary Fundamentals and Daily Academic Vocabulary

Daily Fundamentals provides spiral review of the grade-level skills presented in Math Fundamentals, Reading Comprehension Fundamentals, and Language Fundamentals

"Reading Comprehension Fundamentals has been a great resource for my classroom. My students need explicit instructions and guidance and this provides it."
-Misty from Ohio