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Skill Sharpeners: Critical Thinking, Grade 1 — Class pack

This class set includes 20 identical Skill Sharpeners: Critical Thinking workbooks.

Foster your child’s critical thinking skills and see confidence soar! The variety of fun and creative activities in this series helps your child develop critical thinking skills and become a better learner. Read more below
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Class pack
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Foster your first grader’s critical thinking skills and see confidence soar! Children are naturally inquisitive from infancy, yet creative and problem-solving skills need to be nurtured as children grow. Like reading and math skills, critical thinking skills require practice.
The variety of fun and creative activities in this series will challenge your child to use higher-order thinking skills based on Bloom’s Taxonomy. Every page provides a new and interesting activity that will help your child:

  • Think outside the box and use higher-order thinking skills through open-ended questions and challenges
  • Tap into his or her creativity with art projects and hands-on activities
  • Become a better learner by practicing critical thinking skills in cross-curricular activities (based on science, math, social studies, and language arts content)

The 100+ activities are organized around these 1st grade themes:

  • Animals: Cats and Dogs; Giraffes and Elephants
  • Plants: Trees and Flowers; Fruits and Vegetables
  • Transportation: Cars, Trucks, and Buses; Planes and Trains
  • Places: The Playground and the Beach; Home and School

Grade 1 activities include puzzles, word problems, drawings, and matching that involve critical thinking skills such as:

  • Analyze
  • Solve
  • Reason
  • Decode
  • Create, and more!

Plus, each page lists the critical thinking skill(s) so that you know what your child is practicing.
Use Skill Sharpeners: Critical Thinking for enrichment at home and help your child become a confident problem solver!
Includes answer key.

Every Skill Sharpeners workbook now includes a free downloadable Teaching Guide! Skill Sharpeners: Critical Thinking Teaching Guides include:

  • How to Use directions for teaching critical thinking skills
  • Sample pacing guide to complete lessons and activities
  • Teaching suggestions for learning to problem solve
  • Extension activities that include journals, behavioral verbs, and additional discussion topics

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Hi Evan Moor,

I was wondering where I can find the teaching guide sample.

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Hi Narae,
Please provide your email address and we can send you the PDF of the Teaching Guide.  If you prefer, you can email me directly at and I would be happy to  send to you.

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