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Leveled Readers' Theater

Develop your students’ fluency, automaticity, and comprehension with the meaningful reading practice in Leveled Readers’ Theater!

The fun and easy scripts in Leveled Readers’ Theater provide reading parts for students reading below, on, or above grade level so you can support many levels of readers within one classroom. Each book in the series is leveled in accordance with the widely respected Fountas and Pinnell Guided Reading criteria to help you effectively match selections to students’ abilities. Your students will enjoy the delightful stories and illustrations in each play, and you’ll enjoy all the helpful teaching resources, such as dictionary pages, reproducible practice pages, ideas for building background—and more!

What’s Inside

Leveled Readers Theater comes with everything you need to lead students through successful readers’ theater performances.

Each play comes with:

  • teaching guidelines
    Teaching suggestions for each play are presented in six easy-to-follow steps.
  • a dictionary page for introducing vocabulary
    A reproducible picture dictionary for grades 1–3 and a dictionary activity for grades 4–6 help students make connections between words and their meanings.
  • reproducible student scripts
    Grade 1–3 students enjoy having scripts that fold into minibooks, while students in grades 4–6 practice their plays in a traditional full-page script format.
  • follow-up activities
    Written practice activities effectively boost comprehension and vocabulary skills.

Unit Walk-Through

Teaching guidelines for each play are presented in six easy-to-follow steps:

  1. Build Background
  2. Assign Parts
  3. Introduce Vocabulary
  4. Preview the Script
  5. Practice the Script and Share the Play
  6. Conduct Follow-up Activities

Engage your students in meaningful reading practice the helps build fluency, automaticity, and comprehension—use Leveled Readers’ Theater with your class today!