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History Pockets

Each book in the History Pockets series contains 7 or 8 pockets of history activities. For every pocket there are reading, writing, and “make-it” projects that extend the historical concept being presented.

The following resources are provided:

  • an overview page that describes the activities in each pocket
  • complete teacher directions for all activities
  • a reproducible label for each pocket
  • historical background information
  • historically accurate illustrations
  • maps, charts, and timelines

The following types of activities are included:

  • informational reading and writing opportunities
  • historically based arts and crafts projects
  • culminating evaluation and reflection forms
Life in Plymouth Colony, Grades 1-3
Ancient Civilizations, Grades 1-3
Native Americans, Grades 1-3
Moving West, Grades 4-6
Ancient Greece, Grades 4-6
Ancient Egypt, Grades 4-6
Explorers of North America, Grades 4-6
Colonial America, Grades 4-6
The American Civil War, Grades 4-6
The American Revolution, Grades 4-6
Ancient Rome, Grades 4-6