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High-Frequency Words

Here’s everything young readers need for high-frequency word practice. The 15 teaching units in each book help build fluency, automaticity, and comprehension with engaging reproducible one-page activities, stories, and word-list sliders.

High-Frequency Words: Stories and Activities helps students master the words that comprise nearly 50% of all the words in print. Each book contains 15 units, each consisting of 5 reproducible pages:

  • Learn New Words: Students are introduced to the 6 or 7 high-frequency words that are the unit’s focus.
  • Practice New Words: Using fun activities, students practice reading and writing the unit’s words individually and in sentences.
  • Read Naming Words: Through the use of a picture dictionary and cloze sentences, students learn the key story vocabulary.
  • Story: Students read the unit’s high-frequency words and key story vocabulary in the meaningful context of an engaging, richly illustrated story.
  • Word Slider: A word-list slider provides fun and easy practice for developing fluency in reading the unit’s focus words.

Additional Resources

  • Pretests: Use the pretests to determine which words the student needs to master.
  • Cumulative Word Lists: Use the cumulative word lists that follow units 5, 10, and 15 as assessment tools.
  • Certificate of Achievement: Reward students for learning to read 100 sight words!
Grade 1 - 2