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Daily Geography Practice

An easy and effective way to fit standards-based social studies into your curriculum! Based on the 18 National Geography Standards, Daily Geography Practice presents students with essential map-reading skills, geography terms, and more! Each book includes teacher pages with weekly learning objectives, reproducible maps and student activity pages, a glossary of geography terms, and answer keys.

Students typically get excited when the maps come out. Perhaps it’s the thrill of learning about faraway places or planning where they may one day like to explore. Whatever the reason, keep kids interested in geography by incorporating Daily Geography into your social studies program.

This simple to follow print teacher’s edition includes 36 weekly map lessons that are fun, interesting and hands-on. Students will enjoy interactive map lessons that introduce them to more than 100 geographic terms. The Daily Geography Practice contains 15-minute focused lessons that are correlated to the National Geography Standards.

Daily geography practice lessons are an excellent social studies warm-up or wrap up. Utilize them in centers or for group work. They’re great for test preparation, reinforcement and enrichment. The Daily Geography Practice is also available in an e-book version. Evan-Moor also offers individual daily geography practice student workbooks, making it simple to find what works well in your classroom setting.