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Daily Academic Vocabulary

Studies show that understanding vocabulary is a major indicator of learning success. Daily Academic Vocabulary will help you ensure that your students have command of key academic vocabulary words that they will repeatedly encounter in many different educational contexts.

Introduce your students to the academic vocabulary word they need to perform well on classroom assignments and standardized assessments. This research-based series contains 36 weeks of direct instruction on important words such as explain, create, solve, imagine and improve that students encounter in many academic contexts and learning experiences.

Daily Academic Vocabulary features “direct instruction” of vocabulary, shown to be the most effective way to expand students’ vocabulary.

Each book in the series contains:

Weekly teacher pages

  • Definitions and sample sentences for each week’s words
  • Ideas for how to introduce the words
  • Instruction that builds on students’ personal connection to the words
  • Reproducibles
  • Display each week’s words, definitions, and sample sentences.