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Daily 6-Trait Writing

Help your students develop trait-based writing skills using daily lessons that fit into any writing program!

Daily 6-Trait Writing provides students in grades 1–6 with practice and instruction on trait-based writing skills using a daily practice format. Each book in Daily 6-Trait Writing provides 25 weeks of direct instruction and practice in the critical skills students need to become strong and successful writers.

Each book, grades 1–6, in the series contains:

  • Teacher overview pages that help you introduce each week’s skill and guide students through the activities. With a lesson path for each day that includes ideas for modeling, scripting, and eliciting student responses, each lesson is ready to go with no prep time! There are even reduced student pages with answer keys to help you assess students’ work.
  • Reproducible student practice pages with activities that practice one trait-based writing skill and one convention skill per week. Rule boxes summarize the trait and skill students are focusing on and help students internalize each trait’s meaning through repeated exposure and practice.
  • A trait-based writing rubric that helps you evaluate students’ skill acquisition and provides a valuable resource when discussing writing at parent and student conferences.

Weekly Walk-Through:

Each of the 125 lessons focuses on a specific trait-based writing skill as well as one convention skill while following an easy-to-use, consistent format.

  • Days 1–3:
    The activities on Days 1–3 provide writing models for students to analyze, revise, or add to. These models expose students to the 6 traits using a variety of writing forms, including narrative, expository, description, and persuasive. Students gain experience with these important writing forms, often used in state standards assessments, while practicing thinking critically about writing.
  • Day 4:
    The Day 4 activity provides students with a prewriting form that will help them complete their Day 5 writing prompt. Students learn prewriting techniques that help them approach their writing in logical, structured ways. Reluctant students who may fear the “blank page” are given tools to organize their thoughts before they attempt to put words to the page.
  • Day 5:
    The Day 5 activity asks students to apply their new skills while writing a short response. You can use the prompt as a formative assessment to gauge students’ mastery of that week’s skill. Or, you can expand the prompt to a longer assignment that takes students through the entire writing process.

Give your students the important writing practice they need to become strong and successful writers!