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Critical and Creative Thinking Activities

Help your students develop the critical and creative thinking skills they need to approach all learning situations with creativity, mental agility, and a passion for problem solving!

Give your students the important thinking skills practice they need with Critical and Creative Thinking Activities. The 46 theme-based units in each book provide practice for a variety of logical thinking skills including thinking fluency, originality, generalizing, patterning, and problem solving. It’s the perfect resource to provide students with productive free-time activities or to supplement thematic and seasonal units.

Unit Walk-Through:

Each of the 46 three-page units is centered on a grade-appropriate theme/topic and covers a broad range of thinking skills.

  • Pages 1 and 2 ask students to think about the topic in a variety of ways. They may be asked to draw on prior knowledge or generate new ideas.
  • Page 3 features a single stimulating and entertaining activity. Formats include logic puzzles, riddles, brainteasers, anagrams, maps, secret codes, and more.

Help your students develop the important thinking skills they need to be successful in the classroom, on assessments, and out in the real world! Provide them with the engaging skills practice in Critical and Creative Thinking Activities today!