Thinking Skills, Grades 3-4 - Teacher Reproducibles, E-book EMC 5302i

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EMC Number: 5302i

Page Count: 144

EAN: 9781609630584

Help your students become 21st-century problem solvers by introducing them to a broad range of critical-, creative-, and logical-thinking skills!

The 44 fun, imaginative lessons use downloadable interactive charts and reproducible practice pages to help students develop important skills.

Interactive and reproducible activities motivate students as they practice thinking skills:

Critical Thinking

  • Sorting, Classifying: What Doesn't Belong, Connections, A Sizable Matter, What Equipment Will We Need?, Favorite Flavors
  • Comparing and Contrasting: Puzzling the Planets
  • Analyzing: Curly Q's, The Cat Family, The Animal Club
  • Evaluating: What Do You Need to Know?, A Long Time Ago Someone Said..., Who Is Right?
  • Observing: Lucky Shoes, My Coat
  • Ordering: The Most Important Things
  • Problem Solving: Treasure Map, Decisions, It's Your Choice, Pulley Puzzle

Creative Thinking

  • Fluency: Talented Toothpicks, You Scream! I Scream!
  • Flexibility: Toothbrush Transformations, What Could It Be?, The Penny Grid
  • Original Ideas: Combine and Create
  • Problem Solving: A Flat Problem
  • Mental Imagery: Who's in the Spotlight?, Mother's Plate

Logical Thinking

  • Analogies: Exploring Analogies, More Analogies
  • Deductive Reasoning: Smith Street, Silly Syllogisms, Who Ate the Cookies in the Cookie Jar?, Where Is Burton?, Let's Go Ice-Skating, Backyard Projects, At the Amusement Park, Off to Camp!
  • Patterning: What's the Pattern?, What's Next?
  • Comparing and Contrasting: You Be Day, I'll Be Night
  • Generalizing: Long Ago, Does It Make Sense?
  • Problem Solving: Look Again!
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