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Handwriting: Manuscript, Cursive–All Grades, Teaching Resource - E-book

EMC: 3137i
Handwriting: Manuscript, Cursive is the ULTIMATE resource for teaching handwriting! It provides comprehensive practice for both manuscript and cursive handwriting, and includes stroke practice, letter practice, word practice, activities, games, and projects. Read more below
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Available grades

All Grades
Teacher's Edition, E-book

EMC Number: 3137i

Page Count: 192

EAN: 9781645144120

Handwriting: Manuscript, Cursive includes 192 pages of manuscript and cursive activities! You will never need another handwriting resource.

This book is divided into two sections: Traditional Manuscript and Traditional Cursive. Within each section are units that develop handwriting skills and provide valuable, real-world practice.

Handwriting skills practiced in each section include:

  • Stroke practice—this section focuses on building fine motor skills and muscle memory. These worksheets include line shapes such as clouds, waves, stairs, and more.
  • Letter practice—this section is based on alphabetical order and includes lowercase and uppercase letters.
  • Word practice—this section focuses on letters organized by stroke group, so strokes are reinforced in several similar letters at a time. Letters are practiced in the context of names, primary words, and sentences.
  • Activities—tongue twisters, rhymes, poems, shopping lists, thank-you notes, invitations, space facts, human body facts, and more!
  • Games and projects—Tic-Tac-Write, Rainbow Names, Crossroads, Five by Five, and more!

Why Teach Handwriting?
Handwriting skills are practical in order to communicate clearly in writing, especially for schoolwork and other real-world tasks such as writing lists, filling out forms, and labeling things.

What Does the Research Say?
Forming letters strengthens recognition, sound-symbol relationship, and multisensory connections between vision, hearing, and muscle memory. In addition, taking notes by hand improves retention.

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