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Folk Art Projects, North America - Teacher Reproducibles, E-book

Folk Art Projects contains unique art lessons that teach students about different cultures, customs, and the use of art mediums. The cross-curricular projects in this series use readily available materials. Read more below
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Teacher Reproducibles, E-book
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Page Count: 80

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Folk Art Projects--North America extends the study of North American cultural groups with 18 art projects based on folk art techniques and styles from the Far North, Americana, Native American groups, and Mexico/Central America.

Projects include:

  • Inuit carving
  • Jacob's Ladder toy
  • tin lantern
  • corn husk doll
  • Guatemalan plate design
  • Mexican tin art
  • Northwest Coast totem poles
  • Eskimo mask
  • Huichol yarn art
  • Chilkat blanket
  • molas
  • apple head figure
  • buttonhole puzzle
  • dipped candles
  • Pennsylvania Dutch barn sign
  • Kachina doll
  • sun dance buffalo
  • Navajo sand painting
This resource contains teacher support pages, reproducible student pages, and an answer key.
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