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Sharpen your students’ writing skills by enhancing their vocabulary, spelling, and six-trait writing skills, and improving their text-based writing skills. Our collection of writing lessons and activities will help sharpen the skills they need to get as far as their pens will take them! There is something to fit the needs of every student in our ...Read more >>

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Write a Super Sentence, Grades 1-3 - Teacher Reproducibles, E-book

Help your students turn simple sentences into super sentences! Writing forms, writing-center activities, and a trait-based writing guide help you provide students with structured and motivating writing practice. Download an E-book and don't pay for shipping!
$15.99 (USD)

Draw…Then Write, Grades 1-3 - Teacher Resource, Print

Children love to draw, especially when they can follow simple steps. In Draw…Then Write, students follow picture and written directions to draw animals, people, and vehicles. The finished drawings provide motivation for creative writing.
$17.99 (USD)

Text-Based Writing, Grade 3 - Teacher's Edition, Print

Support 3rd-grade students with scaffolded text-based writing practice! Lessons include leveled texts with science, social studies, and health topics, as well as comprehension questions, graphic organizers, writing prompts, and more.
$23.99 (USD)

Writing Fabulous Sentences & Paragraphs, Grades 4-6 - Teacher Reproducibles, Print

Help your students develop essential writing techniques with the creative and structured lessons in Writing Fabulous Sentences & Paragraphs! Resources include: Writing forms, a trait-based writing guide, and more.
$19.99 (USD)

Skill Sharpeners: Spell & Write, Grade 2 - Activity Book

It has been proven that children benefit immensely when parents take an active role in their education. Skill Sharpeners Spell & Write provides grade-specific practice designed to keep written language skills sharp.
$10.99 (USD)

How to Write A Story, Grades 4-6 - Teacher Resource, Print

How to Write a Story provides students with everything they need to learn to write creative, interesting short stories in six different genres. Includes 6-Trait Writing.
$17.99 (USD)

Giant Write Every Day: Daily Writing Prompts, Grades 2-6 - Teacher Reproducibles, E-book

Includes 300 "quickwrites", 202 story starters, 141 writing forms, a trait-based writing guide, and more. Download an E-book and don't pay for shipping!
$24.99 (USD)

Paragraph Writing, Grades 2-4 - Teacher Reproducibles, Print

Provide your students with creative yet structured practice in writing narrative, descriptive, how-to, and compare/contrast paragraphs. Resources include: writing forms, graphic organizers, a trait-based writing guide, and more!
$17.99 (USD)

How to Report on Books, Grades 3-4 - Teacher Reproducibles, E-book

Download an E-book to your computer now and don't pay for shipping!
$17.99 (USD)

Poetry Patterns & Themes, Grades 3-6 - Teacher Reproducibles, Print

Explore the fun side of poetry with your students! With 41 types of poetry covered in one book, your students will practice everything from the traditional to the unique. Resources include: writing forms, step-by-step directions, a trait-based writing guide, and more!
$17.99 (USD)

Writing Poetry with Children 1 - 6 - Teacher Resource, E-book

Explore the world of poetry with your students! Step-by-step directions lead students through writing couplets, cinquains, haikus, and limericks. Resources include: writing forms, step-by-step directions, a trait-based writing guide, and more!
$17.99 (USD)

Skill Sharpeners: Grammar & Punctuation, Grade 3 - Activity Book

Help children improve their writing while learning important grammar and punctuation rules. These colorful activity books make language skill practice fun with interesting themes, a variety of activities, and word games! Includes answer key.
$10.99 (USD)