Daily Summer Activities School fundraiser

Who can register for the program?

Our fundraising program is only available to charitable and/or non-profit organizations in the United States that are registered with the IRS under a 501-C3 status such as schools, churches, or youth groups. Privately owned for profit businesses of any type are not eligible to participate in the fundraising program.

Do parents purchase the books upfront?

Yes. If the online method of fundraising is selected, parents will place a book order online and pay for their book purchase online. (Free shipping is included with the school coupon code.)

If the pre-sell method is selected, the school will collect order forms and payments from parents. Then, the school sends one single order/payment to Evan-Moor. Evan-Moor ships all the books to the school for distribution. (Free shipping is included).

How do I sign up for the program?

Simply select the fundraising option you wish to do (online or pre-sell) and fill out a short form to register your school. Register your school here.

How much do I need to sell to get cash or product credit?

There is no minimum or maximum quantity of books sold to receive cash or credit for a participating school. For every Daily Summer Activities book sold, a school can choose $4 in cash or $8 in Evan-Moor product credit.

How long does the fundraiser program last?

The fundraiser program is open from January 1, 2019 – June 30, 2019. All orders must be received by June 30, 2019 to receive cash or product credit. It is recommended that you hold your fundraiser 4- 6 weeks before the last day of school. Please allow 2 weeks for books to be delivered, once the order is placed.

How much are shipping and tax?

Shipping is free no matter which fundraising method you choose. Please add applicable county sales tax based on the ship-to location. If you select the online option, our website will calculate this for you.

When will the books be delivered?

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery once books are ordered.

Will you market directly to parents or sell their information?

We will send email confirmations of orders placed online. Otherwise no mail or email will be sent to the parents without their permission in advance. See our Privacy Policy.

When will our school receive the cash or product credit?

Your school will receive your fundraising cash or Evan-Moor product credit (your choice) by August 15, 2019, after the Daily Summer Activities book orders are processed.

If you choose Evan-Moor product credit, you will receive a coupon code for the credited amount to apply to your next purchase (cannot be applied to sales tax or shipping) of Evan-Moor materials. Please note that your coupon code for 2019 fundraiser campaign will expire March 31, 2020.

Can we use our fundraiser cash to order Daily Summer Activities books?

No. Evan-Moor will calculate the total cash amount AFTER all of the book orders are processed.

Can I use a promotional code or fundraiser credit on my Daily Summer Activities fundraiser order?

No. Additional promotional or coupon codes may not be applied to your book fundraiser order. Daily Summer Activities fundraiser orders are already receiving free shipping and receiving the fundraiser kickback in either cash or product credit for the school.

Are you having trouble checking out or completing your order?

Please enter your billing and shipping address information before trying to check out or using the promo code. If you’re using Internet Explorer, please be sure you have the current version installed on your computer or switch to another browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. 

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