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Core science concepts and vocabulary are presented in short daily lessons that also get students thinking.

Daily Science

Interactive, inquiry-based lessons improve students’ science literacy and support the core science curriculum.

Evan-Moor Courseware

Grades 1–6 • 36 weeks • 10- to 15-minute lessons

  • Based on national science standards for life, earth, and physical sciences, the interactive lessons focus on Big Idea science concepts and weekly questions to encourage students’ critical thinking.
  • Key science concepts and vocabulary are clearly presented as students move through the lessons to explore a weekly question.
  • Interactive lessons are highlighted with animation, video, full-color illustrations and photography, and audio for the pronunciation of vocabulary words.
  • Courseware includes a teacher’s guide, skills and standards list, and hands-on activities.
View Teacher’s Guide for grades: 1 2 3 4 5 6
View Skills and Standards for grades: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Evan-Moor Courseware

Portals School Courseware
Portals School Courseware
Portals School Courseware

Daily Science, Grades 1–6
Portals School Courseware 

Includes access to all grade levels

Evan-Moor Courseware
1:1 Computing: Courseware with Student Licenses
EMC 5681 $5/student/year (10 students or more)
                    $10/student/year (2-9 students)*
Available for student Mac/PC computers only.  
Evan-Moor Courseware
Blended: Courseware with Student Books
EMC 6883 $6/student/year

*Minimum 2 student licenses

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