Hot Topics

Explicitly designed to get
students reading!

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How Do You Get Students
Reading on Grade Level?

Try the high-interest Hot Topics guided reading program!

  • Non-intimidating format for striving readers
  • Guided reading instruction for before-,
    during-, and after-reading strategies
  • Audio support

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Hot Topics - High-Interest Reading

Available Sets

Set A

Grades 4-8+

Reading Level: Grades 2.5-3.0

Lexile Range: 400-520

Guided Reading: Level J-O

Set B

Grades 4-8+

Reading Level: Grades 3.0-3.5

Lexile Range: 500-610

Guided Reading: Level K-P

Set C

Grades 4-8+

Reading Level: Grades 3.5-4.5

Lexile Range: 600-760

Guided Reading: Level L-Q


Grades 4-8+

Reading Level: Grades 3.5-4.5

Lexile Range: 400-600

Guided Reading: Level J-P

Set A

Accelerated Classroom Kit

(shown left)

Compelling literature, science, and social studies topics in a variety of genres, including:

  • biographies
  • movie reviews
  • articles
  • realistic fiction
  • persuasive letters, and more!


Request a Sample

See what makes Hot Topics successful! The free sampler includes a reading selection in English and in Spanish, and corresponding teacher and student activity pages.

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White Paper

What may seem common sense—the fact that interest is tied to learning—is backed by fascinating research. This white paper explores the powerful effect of interest on cognitive performance, particularly among struggling and unmotivated readers.

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Download the detailed correlations for Common Core State Standards or your state correlations.

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