Enhanced E-books

Enjoy extra features that make your e-book more powerful, flexible, and easier to use.

Comment and
Markup Tools

An advanced set of editing tools allows you to add sticky notes, draw on your e-book, highlight text, attach files, and more.

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Copy and Paste

Using the Snapshot and Select tools you can copy and paste content from your Enhanced E-book into any digital format. Whether you're creating a PowerPoint presentation or a customized lesson for an electronic whiteboard, Enhanced E-books give you the freedom to enrich lessons with the technology you're using in your classroom.

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Extract Pages

Open content gives you the ability to extract and save pages from your Enhanced E-book so that you can post lessons on a secure class website or email activities to students at home.

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Typewriter Tool

Type anywhere in your enhanced e-book in order to complete activities on-screen or to leave notes for yourself, substitutes, and students.

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