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Research-Based Summer Learning that Builds Confidence

Daily Summer Activities provides 10 weeks of paced daily learning activities for screen-free practice of the most important grade-level skills—in just 15 minutes a day!

Research studies support frequent, focused practice as an effective strategy for teaching elementary school children academic skills. Several supplemental instructional products developed by Evan-Moor Educational Publishers are based on the premise that “frequent, focused practice leads to mastery and retention of the skills practiced.” One of these products is Daily Summer Activities.

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Download and share the research and benefits behind Daily Summer Activities.

Free Activities

Get your school families engaged in summer learning with these free learning games and activities for home. Share these hands-on activities, adaptable for children in grades 1–8!

Daily Summer Activities helps children review and relearn skills while keeping them motivated and engaged. This series supports:

• Learning recovery to help address students' learning gaps
• Prevention of summer slide so students retain the skills and knowledge they learned and acquired in the previous grade
• Screen-free academic time that is accessible and motivating. The familiar activities help children know what is expected and support the practice they encounter in the classroom. The wide range of skills and concepts spans the curriculum and prepare children for academic success as they start a new year.

Daily Summer Activities books reflect grade-level expectations and include open-ended questions to develop children’s critical thinking skills. Subjects include:

A variety of math practice activities remind children of what they’ve learned and provide repeated practice that leads to skill mastery. Familiar practice helps children build confidence.

Reading Comprehension
Interesting, short fiction and nonfiction reading selections focus on science and real-world topics and are followed by higher-order thinking comprehension questions. Perfect practice to help improve test scores.

Short activities practice grammar rules as well as usage and mechanics. Valuable practice to keep up students’ writing scores.

Vocabulary Development
These activities focus on concepts such as synonyms and antonyms, homophones, and homographs, and are embedded throughout the book. This helps support students’ understanding of language in every curriculum area.

Creative writing prompts inspire children to write about their interests. Open-ended writing tasks provide an opportunity for children to express themselves.

Short handwriting practice activities reinforce basic handwriting skills.

Basic practice in map reading, using a compass rose, and learning cardinal directions builds children’s basic geography skills. These bonus activities help students better understand the world around them.

Thinking Skills
Fun thinking-skills activities such as riddles and brainteasers keep children engaged and guide them to think outside the box.

Recipient of the Parents’ Picks Award for Best Educational Products for Preschool and Elementary KidsDaily Summer Activities will provide your students with fun, motivating practice to keep their skills sharp over the summer!

Daily Summer Activities: Grade 3-4

Daily Summer Activities
Grades PreK–8
144 full-color pages
Reward stickers included (grades PreK–5)
$13.99 each