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Daily Summer Activities School Fundraising Tips
Plan Ahead

• Establish the fundraiser timeframe; usually 2–3 weeks is best to maximize sales.
• Set a challenging but attainable goal. For instance, 80% of each class participates.
• Assign specific roles to help make the fundraiser a success.
• Don’t forget to consider breaks, holidays, and the last day of school.

Tips to Maximize Profits

• Get the word out early to parents via fliers, emails, and reminder announcements.
• Encourage parents to help sell more books by communicating with other parents and relatives via email or social media sites.
• Ask teachers and your school principal to include the fundraiser on their websites, newsletters, and other parent communications.
• Share fundraiser updates with parents every week.
• Generate excitement by holding contests between classrooms or grade levels for the highest percentage of participation or the largest number of books purchased. Contest prize ideas include an extra recess, homework or hall passes, pajama day, or crazy hair day.