b'2020-2021 International CatalogEvan-Moor years PreK8 Educational ResourcesHelping Children LearnyearsCelebrating 40 Years of Helping Children LearnHelping Children LearnAround theWorldTeacherELT Test Prep EnrichmentResourcesNEWPRODUCTSGrade 3SCIENCE Correlated atndoards iGRADE 3 Current St SSciupepnocre Sts Ntaenxdt aGrednseration Evan-MooraSncid venicse cual lonicteeprat tcyextsEMC 4313Lessons& GradeVcoonccaebputl acroym pprraechtiecnes aionnd SCIENCE Investigations 3Hands-otedn a-ccotvtietinet s and inrtoegjercats npObserveLessons Evaluate Magnetic ForcesAnalyze &Concept Comprehension NameInvestigations 2.1. Draw an X on the objects that are not attracted to a magnet. InvestigateModel3 Which objects above may have iron in them? How could you test them?ApplyUse the pictures to answer questions 3 and 4.AB3. Which picture shows magnets that will attract?AB4. Which picture shows magnets that will repel?AB188 Physical Science Science Lessons and InvestigationsEMC 4313 Evan-Moor Corp.Guide students inAccelerate early exploring scienceStrengthen skills across alllearners reading concepts withsubject areas! and writing skillsin-depth lessons p. 26 p. 3 p. 3Correlated to IB framework and U.S. standardsTEL +001-831- 649-5901 x104FAX +001+831- 649- 6256www.evan-moor.com'