b'ACTIVITY BOOKSFull Smart Start: STEM ColorDevelop early learners problem-solving skills and set a foundation for STEM learning!Grades PreK1 Hands-on STEM activities encourage young childrento think creatively and explore different ideas to solve problems. Each unit includes stories and colorful practice pages that help children understand a science concept and provide a foundation for completing each STEM challenge. A STEM journal activity helps guide children through the engineering design process: plan, create, test, and record.Topics within each STEM challenge target earth, life, and physical science. Includes answer key. 128 full-color pages. FloatorSink?FloatorSink? Pirate Boat STEM ChallengeFloatorSink? understanding of floating andLook at the picture and read the story.Skills: Demonstrate Read the text below to explain the difference between floating Fine motor skills imination;Activity Booksinking; Visual discrand sinking. Then read the science story on the next page toLook at the tub of water. The tubU.S. $9.99your child. shows which objects float or sink.When you place an object in water,it floats or sinks. floa Ci t rcle if the objectwill float.Grade EMC ISBNWhen somethingCircle if the objectfloats, this means will sink to the bottom of the tub. PreK 9925 978-1-62938-539-6the object stays on 1 2top of the water. K 9926 978-1-62938-540-2When something sinksinks, this means New art?: a girl playing1 9927 978-1-62938-541-9with red toy car on floorthe object goes to the Jack the pirate sailed to Treasure Island looking for See paste board foran option. gold and jewels. After he arrived, his boat sank. Jack bottom of the water. 34 stayed on the island and looked for treasure. He looked everywhere, but he could not find any treasure. Jack decided to dig a hole in the sand. All of a sudden, he felt something. It was a treasure chest! Now Jack needs aLook at the pictures with your child and have him or her name the objectboat to carry the treasure home. Help Jack get home by that is floating and the object that sank. Then have your child name other objects that may float building a boat that will hold him and the treasure.or sink. Smart Start: STEMEMC 9925 Evan-Moor Corp.Evan-Moor Corp.EMC 9925Smart Start: STEMPhysical Science 3732 Physical Science34 Physical Science Smart Start: STEMEMC 9925 Evan-Moor Corp. 9925.indb 373/20/18 12:51 PM9925.indb 32 3/20/18 12:51 PM9925.indb 34 3/20/18 12:51 PMFull ColorAt-Home TutorGrades PreK2Developed by teachers, the colorful and engaging activities motivate children to learn key grade-specific skills. Plus, each title includes access to free online timed tests to provide additional skill practice. 96 full-color pages. U.S. $7.99Activity BookSea Letters and Numbers How Many?Grade EMC ISBN Look at tsheeleletttteerrssaanndd n nuummbbeerrss h inid dtheenbinox t.h e Fiinrcdl eth tohe letters with green. Circle the numbers with red. picture. Count. C Circle the number.Math PreK 4173 978-1-61368-979-0loud lazy Ll s 8 e 6 tMath K 4174 978-1-61368-980-6 lionMath 1 4175 978-1-61368-981-3 6 234 234What else begins with l? Circle.Math 2 4176 978-1-61368-982-0Reading PreK 4177 978-1-62938-000-1 234 234Reading K 4178 978-1-62938-001-8 8 IncludesLanguage 1 4179 978-1-62938-002-5 6 EMC 4173 Evan-Moor Corp. FREE234234Language 2 4180 978-1-62938-003-2 Online(leaf, cat, lamp, ladder, lizard)AHT_4173.indb 6 10/1/13 3:07 PM Timed Tests! Evan-Moor Corp.EMC 4177 69 12 EMC 4173 Evan-Moor Corp.9/30/13 12:31 PM AHT_4173.indb 12AHT_4177.indb 6910/1/13 3:08 PM4 Evan-Moor'