b'ART & TEACHER RESOURCESHow to Teach Art Full Texture Colorto Children Textured Paint Collage t Children cut apartextured painted papers they have created and make new simple colage pictures.Easy-to-follow art projects teach children the elementsof art in the style of famous artists.Materials 1 Step by Step ild t i he const intbr tion paper, three paperrd,Grades 16Revised in 2019! This beautiful full-color resource bookruc ardboa(for each ch tionGive each ch nts, a pa nd g ush, scraps of c i ingreild) squares, the pa lue.wh t ite construc res 2 a pla if st l ic fork, scissors, a t i i l s t peri r nt onto each squa i mprovides 96 step-by-step lessons that teach the seven elements of art:paperSqueeze a sma ld l amount of pa hei ith creat res.ow ch ren to ex ment w4" x 6" (10 x 15 cm)a d nd a ures on each of t r paper squa mple hree 4" (10 cm) squa i 3 W ferent tex i nted squares dy, branstorm siline, shape, color, value, texture, form, and space. Includes full-coloracrylic pants intbrush pic h tu le the pa Color n be cut free-forre or design idea hat ca flat-ended pa rd from the squares.scraps of cardboa ife,illPick examples of each art project and a downloadable PDF of fine art plastic fork, plastic kncomb (any object that w t Contrasting help to create a texure) Colors scissors Children manipulate colorsglue to discover which colors examples. Also features imaginative lessons that help students make good contrasts. med and experience art while they learn the styles of famous artists.4 Have children cut the shapes t r t hey brainstor ke a colage.glue them to the constucion paper to ma p.How to Teach Art to ChildrenEMC 1016 Evan-Moor Cor84 5/29/18 8:15 AM160 full-color pages.1016_Book_DB.indb 84Materials 96U.S. $18.99 Teachers Resource Book ion(for each chi r t ld)Step by Step nd small constructconstucion paper1 Give each child the large a res. six 5" (13 cm) squares of res and the crayons. l he larger squa l res red, orange, yel r ow, green, paper squa l six of t er squa blue, and puple he 2 Have children lay out a he smaGRADE EMC ISBN Then have them place one of tsix 2" (5 cm) squares of t3 Children rea rger one. i l nat ntil theysame colorsin the center of each la rast er squares u ions. Thenpage 44, reproduced for rrange the sma ng combi nationsArtfind the three best cont hose color combi each childthey use crayons to show t16 1016 978-1-62938-875-5 on page 44. ren decide which three combinationscrayons4 Next, child he least contrast and show those of colors have t 4. Projectschoices on page 4 heir favorite color 5 Lastly, children record tcombinations. iscuss their choices.6 Invite children to d43 Evan-Moor Corp.EMC 1016How to Teach Art to Children5/29/18 8:15 AM1016_Book_DB.indb 43Full ColorArt for All SeasonsGrades 14Heres your year-round source for art project ideas! The 105 projects in Art for All Seasons feature fun art experiences and projects that relate to the weather and holidays of fall, winter, spring, and summer. Choose from paper crafts,Jack-o-lanternshave so many different expressions.n FunLine up all yourJack-o-Lanter3-D constructions, painting, mixed media, special-occasion cards, and more. students pumpkin chains on a bookcaseSTEPS TO FOLLOW ters. Refold or windowsill 1. Fold the orange construction paper into quarYoull find the perfect project for any time of the year.and watch themaccordion style.watching you.2. Trace lightly in pencil MATERIALS around the pumpkin template onto the foldedtemplates on the orange paper.208 full-color pages.folowing page3. Cut out the pumpkin shape. 4 x 18 (10 x 45.5 cm) 4. Draw a smile line on each pumpkin.through orange construction paper Use the hole punch to create peek- 4 x 9 (10 x 23 cm)pumpkin grins. ow yelow construction paper5. Cut eyes and noses for the pumpkins from the yel green construction paperconstruction paper. ow paper behind the smiles. Parents Guide to Childrens Mediascraps6. Tape pieces of yel black beans 7. Cut a stem and a vine from green construction paper scraps. crayons, marking pens, 8. Curl the vine around the pencil.or colored pencils9. Glue all cut pieces to the pumpkins. U.S. $26.99 Teachers Resource Bookscissors10. Add black beans for eyes. pencil tape glueGRADE EMC ISBNhole punchFALL 1314 2001 978-1-55799-953-5 Art for All SeasonsEMC 2001 Evan-Moor Corp. 4/18/16 1:30 PMBook2001_CC.indb 13Daily Plan BooksAll GradesOrganize the entire school yearin style! Charming andfunctional spiral-bound planners are a must-have resource for your classroom. Each Daily Plan Book contains 39 weekly lesson-plan pages, seating charts, a class roster, pages to organize important classroom information, and more!$8.99 EA $11.99 EA School DaysSchool Days SafariGRADE EMC ISBN GRADE EMC ISBNAll 5400 978-1-59673-004-5 All 5409 978-1-59673-295-7 SafariRow format. Includes inspirational quotes. Row format. Includes downloadable photos 96 pages. and small-group planning pages.160 pages.31'