b'SOCIAL STUDIESSkill Sharpeners: Geography Full Engage children in exploring the world whileColorlearning important map skills and geographyU.S. $9.99Activity Bookconcepts. Grades PreK6The cross-curricular activities in U.S. $9.99Activity Book GRADE EMC ISBNSkill Sharpeners: Geography integrate the most PreK 3739 978-1-62938-466-5current geography standards and incorporate colorfulGRADE EMC ISBN K 3740 978-1-62938-467-2learning activities with geography concepts.PreK 3739 978-1-62938-466-51 3741 978-1-62938-468-9The full-color activities motivate children to: K 3740 978-1-62938-467-22 3742 978-1-62938-469-6 Learn map skills 1 3741 978-1-62938-468-9 Understand geography concepts 2 3742 978-1-62938-469-6 3 3743 978-1-62938-470-2 Build reading and comprehension skills 4 3744 978-1-62938-471-93 3743 978-1-62938-470-2 Increase vocabulary 5 3745 978-1-62938-472-64 3744 978-1-62938-471-9 Practice writing6 3746 978-1-62938-473-3 Build an understanding of the elements that shape our world! 5 3745 978-1-62938-472-6Includes answer key. 144 full-color pages. 6 3746 978-1-62938-473-3Beginning GeographyGrades K2Based on the National Geography Standards, the93 reproducible practice pages cover beginning map skills, landformsand bodies of water, and continents and oceans. Each section featuresNamerom above.A map is a drawing of a place fa variety of reproducible activities, as well as a cumulative review.king at a Map A map shows where things are.Loo112 pages plus two 17" x 22" full-color map posters.This map shows a school.tListen and follow direcions.Based on National Geography Standards. U.S. $16.99Teachers Resource BookGRADE EMC ISBNK2 3727 978-1-60823-676-31. Color the building red. 4. Color the tree green. 2. Draw a circle around the sandbox. 5. Draw a child on the sidewalk.3. Mark an X on the cars.Map Skils: What Is a Map? 5 Evan-Moor Corp.EMC 3727Beginning GeographyThe 7 ContinentsGrades 46The 7 Continents series introduces students to essential elements of geography while they explore the unique characteristics of the worlds continents. Students learn about the location, political divisions, physical features, valuable resources, and culture of each of the seven continents through engaging reading and writing activities. Its a great way to integrate content-area reading into your curriculum while helping students develop a deeper understanding about the peoples and systems that shape our world. 128 reproducible pages. Based on National Geography Standards. U.S. $21.99 Teachers Resource BookThe 7 Continents GRADE EMC ISBNNorth America 46 3731 978-1-60963-126-0South America 46 3732 978-1-60963-127-7Australia and Oceania 46 3733 978-1-60963-128-4Asia 46 3734 978-1-60963-129-1Europe 46 3735 978-1-60963-130-7Antarctica 46 3736 978-1-60963-131-4Africa 46 3737 978-1-60963-132-129'