b'THINKING SKILLSDaily Higher-Order ThinkingTeach your students to be critical and creative thinkers in just 15 minutes a day! Grades 16The 30 weeks of engaging activities help to develop and grow students problem-solving skills. Each full-page activity for MondayFriday provides practice of a higher-order thinking skill in the context of a different curriculum area for authentic practice.Each activity focuses on a thinking skill stated as a behavioral verb such as infer, illustrate, deduce,or evaluate.Engaging formats include logic puzzles, creative writing, picture comparisons, and what if questions. An answer key provides sample responses for each days activities. Daily Higher-Order Thinking is a must-have resource that encourages students to use content as a toolto solve real-life problems, explore concepts, and think creatively! 176 reproducible pages. U.S. $19.99Teachers Edition U.S. $7.99Individual Student BookGRADE EMC ISBN GRADE EMC ISBN1 3271 978-1-62938-454-2 1 7071 978-1-62938-491-72 3272 978-1-62938-455-9 2 7072 978-1-62938-493-13 3273 978-1-62938-456-6 3 7073 978-1-62938-495-54 3274 978-1-62938-457-3 4 7074 978-1-62938-497-95 3275 978-1-62938-458-0 5 7075 978-1-62938-499-36 3276 978-1-62938-459-7 6 7076 978-1-62938-501-3Skill Sharpeners: Full U.S. $9.99 Activity BookCritical ThinkingColor GRADE EMC ISBNGrades PreK6Like reading and math skills, critical thinkingPreK 3249 978-1-62938-347-7skills require consistent practice and are important to yourK 3250 978-1-62938-348-4childs success in school.1 3251 978-1-62938-349-1The creative and critical thinking activities in Skill Sharpeners:2 3252 978-1-62938-350-7Critical Thinking will engage your child in practicing the skills needed to be a better thinker!3 3253 978-1-62938-351-4The creative and imaginative activities will motivate your child4 3254 978-1-62938-352-1to practice thinking skills such as: categorizing, reasoning,5 3255 978-1-62938-353-8evaluating, and analyzing. 6 3256 978-1-62938-354-5144 full-color pages. Critical and CreativeTeachersThinking Activities U.S. $21.99Resource BookGRADE EMC ISBNGrades 16Keep your students engaged while 1 3391 978-1-59673-292-6they practice important thinking skills! The 46 theme-based units in each book ask students to use a variety of critical and2 3392 978-1-59673-293-3creative thinking skills to complete fun, imaginative activities. 3 3393 978-1-59673-399-2 Covers a broad range of critical and creative thinking skills4 3394 978-1-59673-400-5 Features theme-based lessons that easily integrate into the5 3395 978-1-59673-405-0curriculumIs the perfect resource for free-time, enrichment, and6 3396 978-1-59673-406-7homework activitiesIncludes answer key. 160 reproducible pages. 28 Evan-Moor'