b'SCIENCEDaily ScienceBased on National Science Standards for life, earth, and physical sciences.Grades 16Why do camels have humps? How far up does the sky reach? Where do echoes come from? These are just some of the motivating questions your students will answer while they investigate scientific concepts.Thirty weeks of 10- to 15-minute lessons introduce students to standards-based science concepts while they find the answers to real-life questions about the world around them.Inquiry-based lessons develop science literacy and encourage critical thinking.192 reproducible pages.IndividualU.S. $29.99Teachers Edition U.S. $7.99Student BookGRADE EMC ISBN GRADE EMC ISBN1 5011 978-1-59673-419-7 1 6871 978-1-60963-388-22 5012 978-1-59673-420-3 2 6872 978-1-60963-389-93 5013 978-1-59673-421-0 3 6873 978-1-60963-390-54 5014 978-1-59673-928-4 4 6874 978-1-60963-391-25 5015 978-1-59673-929-1 5 6875 978-1-60963-392-96 5016 978-1-59673-930-7 6 6876 978-1-60963-393-6Skill Sharpeners: Full U.S. $9.99Activity Book ColorScience GRADE EMC ISBNGrades PreK6This full-color activity book helps to improvePreK 5319 978-1-62938-151-0understanding of science concepts that are taught in the classroomK 5320 978-1-62938-152-7and aligned to standards. Interesting reading selections, engaging1 5321 978-1-62938-153-4activities, and hands-on projects cover grade-level physical, life,and earth science topics. Answer key included. 2 5322 978-1-62938-154-1144 full-color pages. 3 5323 978-1-62938-155-84 5324 978-1-62938-156-55 5325 978-1-62938-157-26 5326 978-1-62938-158-9Take It to Your Seat: Full Teachers Color U.S. $23.99Resource BookScience Centers A sunflower sprouts. Plant a seed.GRADE EMC ISBNGrades PreK4Fun, full-color centers cover science topics basedA sunflower sprouts. Plant a seed.on the National Science Education Standards. Each center isPreKK 5004 978-1-59673-090-8self-contained and perfect for independent or small-group practice. 12 5002 978-1-55799-961-0192 full-color pages.34 5003 978-1-55799-962-7nt a seed. The sunflower grows bigger.A sunflower sprouts. PlaThe sunflower grows bigger.A sunflower sprouts. Plant a seed.Thesunflowerblossommakes Theseeds. sunflowerblossommakesseeds.The sunflower grows bigger.The sunflower grows bigger. Take It to Your Seat Science CentersEMC 5004 Evan-Moor Corp. 69The 27 Take It to Your Seat Science CentersEMC 5004 Evan-Moor Corp. sunflowerblossom The r 69makes sunfloweseeds. blossom makesseeds.69 Take It to Your Seat Science CentersEMC 5004 Evan-Moor Corp.Take It to Your Seat Science CentersEMC 5004 Evan-Moor Corp.69'