b'STEMSTEM Lessons and Challenges Grade 3 Correlated toGRADE 3 Current StandardsSTEM challenges develop students creative problem-solving skills! Evan-MoorSTEM GRADE15 open-ended challenges 3 with testable goals Science concept text EMC 9943 selections Visual literacy supportGrades 16 Design process guidanceLessons&ChallengesSuggested materials list Students apply science, technology, engineering, and math concepts to solveSTEMreal-world problems. The 15 grade-appropriate STEM challenges involve life, earth, and physicalLessons ReasonDesign ProcessSTEM Challenge: at\x1eonscience concepts.H\x1ebe\x13na\x11io\x0f S\x11 Innovate& STEM Challenge:H\x1ebe\x13na\x11io\x0f S\x11at\x1eon Chalenge1 Plan:Describe and draw your design. List your materials.Challenges Ch r a ou lenge:H\x1ebe\x13na\x11io\x0f S\x11at\x1eon Every unit is focused on a hands-on challenge in which students work together as engineers to design, prototype, test, and refine their creations. su stable goa Design and create a hibernation den for an animal that will keep outBrainstormnding cold air.Te l: Each STEM challenge includes teacher and student support pages, including3 Research: A warm hard-boiled egg loses no more than 15F (9C) af15 minutes in the den. ter Look at pictuvisual real-world examples and design process worksheets. 2Create hibernation dens. res of hibernation dens. Notice how the dens are construc CollaborateB Think about how science, technology, engineering, and math are used to createristr ted. anom:Draw one or more design ideas for a hibernation den. There are many dif3Test:Describe and draw your results. erent ways to complete this chalenge. Be creative!Science topics within each unit support Next Generation Science Standards. cardboard box Communicate128 reproducible pages.STEM Challenge: Visual Literacy inside box covered inR\x10ll\x0er \x0coate\x08 T\x08ac\x06 4Evaluate aluminum foil Designy sticks and Visual Literac 943STEM Lesons and Chal esL\x1efe \x1aci\x17nc\x17 55Teachers Whats powering the skateboarder? leaves bubble wrap wallsC 9 engU.S. $19.99Resource Book STEM Challenge: hEvan-Moor Corp.EM newspaperB\x1erd \x12ee\x11erhiigghhkpionteetnict ieanl eenrgeyrgy; 52 L\x1efe \x1aci\x17nc\x17STEM Lesons and ChalengesEMC 9943 Evan-Moor Corp.potential energy GRADE EMC ISBN d potential energy kiencerteic easinnegr;gy increasing increasing;rgy kdiencerteic easinneg1 9941 978-1-62938-861-82 9942 978-1-62938-862-5 These ostriches live in an Israeli desert reserveSongbirds love mealworms.y;park. Since they cant fly, this seed feeder is justIf live worms in a dish or the right height for their long legs and necks. feeder crawl away before the birds find them, use fat loiwhgh p koitneentticia el neenregrgybals containing a mix of mealworms, seeds, and fat.3 9943 978-1-62938-863-2nehrge sy tkuartnes iboanto krdeinr detoic ewnnweargrdy, a, As gratveinty ptial euls t nd he 4 9944 978-1-62938-864-9 his po . The mokam rom all thap tt khine netic ext gains speeds tbhse s, he s teeboanturm fder more poving utential energy.einl ergs hy ke ceeplim tores up moh. A5 9945 978-1-62938-865-6Evan-Moor Corp.EMC 9944STEM Lessons and ChalengesP\x1eys\x1bca\x18 S\x15ie\x12ce 115y habitats have These feeders in snow f116 9946 978-1-62938-866-3 roofs designed to keep the snow of 9944.indb 115 L\x1efe \x1aci\x17nc\x17 6/20/18 1:00 PMof the bird seed.enges p.EMC 9944STEM Lessons and Chal 6/20/18 12:55 PM Evan-Moor Cor9944.indb 11Full Smart Start: STEM ColorColorful activity pages and hands-on projects help to develop early learners problem-solving skills!Grades PreK1Hands-on STEM activities encourage young children to think creatively and explore different ideas to solve problems.Each unit includes stories and practice pages that help children understand a science concept and provide a foundation for completing each STEM challenge.A STEM journal activity helps guide children through the engineering design process: plan, create, test, and record. Topics within each STEM challenge target earth, life, and physical science. Includes answer key.FloatorSink? understanding of floa tion; Skills: Demonstre sinking; Vor skillsisual discratiminating and 128 full-color pages.Fine motSkills: Demonstrate understanding of floating and FloatorSink? sinking; Visual discrimination; Fine motor skillsLhooowk as wt thhie tch oub objef wcts fatleora. Tt ohr se tinub k.sTeachers Look at the tub of water. T t he tubCircle loat. if the objectshows which objecs float or sink.will fU.S. $9.99Resource Book Circle if the objec Citwill float.wirll scle ink to th ie bf tohte otom objecf tthe tub.GRADE EMC ISBN Circle if the object he tub. 1 2will sink to the bottom of t21PreK 9925 978-1-62938-539-6 K 9926 978-1-62938-540-2 3 441 9927 978-1-62938-541-9 3 34 p. Physical Science Smart Start: STEMEMC 9925 Evan-Moor Corp.Smart Start: STEMEMC 9925 Evan-Moor Cor34 Physical Science9925.indb 34 3/20/18 12:51 PM3/20/18 12:51 PM9925.indb 3425'