b'WRITINGHow to Write a Story Grades 13Story-planning forms, a trait-based writing guide, and activities are presented at three different difficulty levels.Paragraph WritingU.S. $16.99 Teachers Resource BookGrades 24Structured practice in writing narrative, descriptive, how-to, GRADE EMC ISBN and compare-and-contrast paragraphs.96 reproducible pages. 13 799 978-1-55799-801-9 U.S. $16.99 Teachers Resource BookHow to Write a StoryGRADE EMC ISBNGrades 46Writing templates and a trait-based writing guide help you80 reproducible pages.24 246 978-1-55799-608-4successfully lead students through the writing process.Writing Fabulous Sentences & ParagraphsU.S. $16.99 Teachers Resource Book Grades 46Scaffolded activities help students progress from writing GRADE EMC ISBN sentences to paragraphs.96 reproducible pages. 46 794 978-1-55799-802-6 U.S. $18.99 Teachers Resource BookWriting Poetry with Children GRADE EMC ISBNGrades 16How-to charts, reproducible forms, writing prompts, and a112 reproducible pages. 46 575 978-1-55799-601-5trait-based writing guide for six types of poetry. Write a Super SentenceU.S. $16.99 Teachers Resource Book Grades 13Guides students through the process of describing who, GRADE EMC ISBN what, where, and when. Includes writing forms and activities. 96 reproducible pages. 16 734 978-1-55799-734-0 U.S. $14.99 Teachers Resource BookPoetry Patterns & Themes GRADE EMC ISBNGrades 36Writing forms, step-by-step directions, and a trait-based64 reproducible pages.13 205 978-1-55799-606-0writing guide introduce students to 41 types of poetry. Giant Write Every Day U.S. $16.99 Teachers Resource Book Daily Writing Prompts GRADE EMC ISBN Grades 26A comprehensive trait-based guide that includes story 96 reproducible pages. 36 733 978-1-55799-733-3 starters and writing forms.Creative Writing Ideas U.S. $23.99 Teachers Resource BookGRADE EMC ISBNGrades 24Activities include draw and write, riddles, sequence and write,176 reproducible pages. 26 775 978-1-55799-604-6letter writing, and more!U.S. $16.99 Teachers Resource BookGRADE EMC ISBN96 reproducible pages. 24 206 978-1-55799-607-721'