b'WRITINGDraw and write. Draw.Then Write1 23Creative drawing inspires creative writing!Grades 16The simple drawing steps and fun topics make even the most reluctant of writers excited to write stories. Studentsfollow step-by-step drawing lessons and write about the completed pictures. The reproducible pages are also ideal for writing center activities. 96 reproducible pages. Teachersbear U.S. $16.99Resource BookGRADE EMC ISBNlargewildhuntsstrongfurryhibernates13 731 978-1-55799-731-9fishes A bear is a ___________________________ animal. sleepsA bear _______________ and _________________ for food. 46 773 978-1-55799-803-3It _____________________ in the winter. Evan-Moor Corp. 61 Draw.Then WriteEMC 7310731_5.5.indd 613/17/16 10:25 AMButterfly Word CatcherIndividual Book Report ProjectLiterature Skill Focus: Selecting words and phrases to remember How to Report on Books1.Teaching the Literature Skill Using well-written picture books as a model forButter y Word excellent descriptive language is important. Boost students understanding and interest in literatureRead Owl Moon by Jane Yolen to your class. HaveCatcherstudents listen for words or phrases that y off the1.Write the title of the page.The words should stand out and make a specialbook and the names ofwith these creative projects!picture in the readers mind.the author and illustratorRecord some of the picture language on a chart. For2.on the pattern.example:The trees stood as still as giant statues. MyPick out four words or nose and cheeks felt cold and hot at the same time.phrases that you want to The snow was whiter than the milk in a cereal bowl. remember. Grades 14Interesting projects to help students explore and 2.Modeling the Project 3.Write them on eachDemonstrate how to make the butter y wordof the butter ys spots.report on books, including bookmarks, pop-ups, and puppet forms. catcher. Use the picture language from Owl Moon. Outline each one with 3.Reading at Home color. 96 pages of time-saving reproducibles and clever ideas!4.Color the butter y.Have students choose a well-written picture bookCut it out and glue it from the library.The students take home the bookonto a sheet of and a copy of the pattern on page 79. construction paper. After reading the book, the student and parent make5.Trim the edges of the the butter y.They record words and phrases thatmounted butter y, leaving ew off the page on the butter ys spots.Thea colorful border. Teachersstudent returns the book and the butter y to school. 6.Glue tissue paper 4.Sharing the Book Projects streamers to theU.S. $16.99Resource Book When the projects have been returned, add the tissuebutter ys body.paper strips and display the butter ies, have a class discussion about the literature skill in students books, or have partners share their projects. GRADE EMC ISBN12 6008 978-1-59673-084-734 6009 978-1-59673-085-478 How to Report on BooksEMC 6008 Evan-Moor Corp.Daily Handwriting PracticeStudents practice handwriting skills while exploring content-rich themes and topics.All GradesHandwriting practice with a curriculum tie-in! Daily Handwriting Practice presents students with practice writing letters, words, and sentences about a variety of content-area topics, from language arts to science and social studies. 112 reproducible pages.Teachers IndividualU.S. $20.99Edition U.S. $7.99Student BookEMC ISBN EMC ISBNTraditional Manuscript 790 978-1-55799-753-1 6844 978-1-60963-364-6Traditional Cursive 791 978-1-55799-754-8 6845 978-1-60963-365-3Modern Manuscript 792 978-1-55799-755-5 6846 978-1-60963-366-0Contemporary Cursive 793 978-1-55799-756-2 6847 978-1-60963-367-720 Evan-Moor'