b'NEW TITLES si leN tETWCONTENTSActivity Books & Flashcards3Language8Vocabulary11 Grade 2 Correlated atndoardsReading12 GRADE 2 Evan-MoorSCIENCE Current St Hands-on activitiesScience concept andWhat Do Plants Need to Grow? visual literacy textsEMC 4312Vocabulary practice and Lessons& Grade concept comprehensionWriting 19 SCIENCE Investigations 2Research projects su o Plants have needs. They need light and water to grow. A lot of plants grow outside. The light these plants need comes from the Math 22 Observe en n. The water these plants need is rain. Plants grow when they get ugh sunlight and rain. Lessons What Can These Pieces Make? ading ComprehensionSTEM25 AnalyzeRe &Choose one of the objects and circle the pictu NameScience26 Investigations Then complete t l he items. re. d toy bricks Investigatebocks sanModelThinking Skills 28 Apply2 1.Plants do not grow if they do not get the water they need. Social Studies 29 What would you build with the set of pieces you circled?Sometimes, it does not rain every day. People can help bygiving plants water. They can use a watering can or a hose.Art & Teacher Resources31 2. Can you take the pieces apart? Explain your answer.Creating3. If you can, take the pieces apart, what new object would you build?with Shapes14 Life Science Science Lessons and InvestigationsEMC 4312 Evan-Moor Corp.160 Life Science Science Lessons and InvestigationsEMC 4312 Evan-Moor Corp. 4312.indb 14 10/14/19 6:49 PMUsed in Science Lessons and W H Y Build strong science foundations! p. 26Investigationsclassrooms by students Grades 16This robust teaching resource presents science learning through in-depth investigation and observation, supporting Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Evan-Moor? Science units build upon prior knowledge and experience and allow students to apply their understanding in a creative way. Each unit Evan-Moor has been providing high-quality,guides students through exploring the science concept and includes creative, and engaging PreK8 materialshands-on activities to extend learning.for teachers and parents since 1979. Every224 reproducible pages.year, we develop and publish new titles withU.S. $21.99all-new content to meet the needs of students around the world. Student WorkbooksOur mission is helping children learn, and we do thisILABLE *NOW VAby providing teachers and parents with the resources Athey need to cultivate a love of teaching and learning.Our materials:Include award-winning content.Are created by highly experienced educators.Are aligned with current standards and best educational practices.Are designed to build and reinforce complex skills.Contain clear, direct, easy-to-implement lessons that enrich and enhance any curriculum. Support the varied learning levels and styles of todays students.Are ideal for formative assessments and test preparation.Inspire children to learn!*with select series2 Evan-Moor'