b'READINGLeveled Readers Theater TeachersU.S. $23.99Resource BookGrades 13Fun and easy scripts provide differentiated readingGRADE EMC ISBNlevels aligned with Fountas and Pinnell Guided Reading criteria. Delightful stories and illustrations to boot! Ideal for building1 3481 978-1-59673-396-1confidence for struggling readers. 2 3482 978-1-59673-397-8160 reproducible pages. 3 3483 978-1-59673-398-5Readers Theater TeachersU.S. $18.99Resource BookGrades 15The meaningful reading practice helps to buildGRADE EMC ISBNfluency, oral expression, and speaking skills. Scripts are tiedto grade-level curriculum topics, offering students reading1 3306 978-1-55799-890-3practice within familiar content areas.2 3307 978-1-55799-891-0144 reproducible pages.3 3308 978-1-55799-892-74 3309 978-1-55799-893-45 3310 978-1-55799-894-1Phonics and Word Study TeachersU.S. $26.99Resource Bookfor Struggling Readers GRADE EMC ISBNGrades 46+Give students who are reading below grade level46+ 3361 978-1-59673-219-3the scaffolded practice in decoding and word study they need for success. A variety of activities and 24 entertaining stories support students as they practice variant vowel sounds, silent letters, diphthongs, consonant digraphs, blends, and more. 288 reproducible pages. Word Family Stories Teachers U.S. $18.99Resource Bookand Activities GRADE LEVEL EMC ISBNGrades K3The 16 word families are individually explored K2 A 3353 978-1-59673-167-7in five-page reproducible units, including a picture dictionary, one-page story, activity pages, and word-list slider.K2 B 3354 978-1-59673-168-4112 reproducible pages. Take It to Your Seat: Full Teachers Color U.S. $26.99Resource BookLiteracy Centers GRADE EMC ISBNPerfect for extra practice and reinforcement or toK1 2123 978-1-55799-929-0challenge advanced students.13 788 978-1-55799-798-2Grades K6Each book includes up to 18 centers that span 23 2723 978-1-55799-976-4two grade levels of important reading and language arts skills, providing a range of practice for the students in your class.34 2124 978-1-55799-930-6192 full-color pages. 46 2719 978-1-55799-851-418 Evan-Moor'