b'READINGFull Color Smart Start: Read & WriteDeveloped by teachers, the colorful activities providethe perfect combination of fun and practice to give childrenthe foundation needed for academic success!Grades PreK1Age-appropriate reading and writing activities help children practice the essential steps to becoming strong readers and writers. Stories with an audio read-aloud option Colorful activities to apply listening, writing, and speaking skills Review activities to show understanding Includes reward stickers, answer key, and audio stories. 128 full-color pages. Word FamiliesReview It! -en, -et, -ell, -ed U.S. $9.99Activity BookRead the words in the box. Look at the picture. Review It! - Word Families ll, -edThen write the correct word to fi nish the sentence.jet pen bell red n sled en, -et, -e GRADE EMC ISBNwet ten net he well Look at the picture.Then use the words in the box to write a sentence on the lines.1 I have a red. wet? hen get Will the PreK 2427 978-1-62938-981-32 I hear a . K 2428 978-1-62938-982-03 Ted is .Nell my sled. sped on 1 2429 978-1-62938-983-74 I get .5 Where is the ? IncludesUse the words in the box, plus some of your own words,AudioLook at the picture. Then write a sentence about it. to write a sentence. Then draw a picture about it.hen redReadAloudsSmart Start: Read and WriteEMC 2429 Evan-Moor Corp.364/5/19 12:40 PM2429.indb 36Evan-Moor Corp.EMC 2429Smart Start: Read and Write372429.indb 374/5/19 12:41 PMNonfiction Reading PracticeGrades 16Your students can learn about the same topicat their own reading pace!Nonfiction Reading Practice guides students in reading and understanding nonfiction texts. Every unit includes a reading selection at three reading levels and follow-up reading and writing activities to build comprehension. To further support students, each unit includes visual aids, Words to Know lists, comprehension questions (at three levels), graphic organizers, and writing forms. The leveled reading selections on the same topic help you accommodate students varied reading abilities within one class. And the reading selections reflect grade-level topics, helping to boost students knowledge across subjects! 208 reproducible pages. Name Pluto, Not a Planet AnymorePluto, Not a Planet Anymore Pluto is a small, icy world. For inth 76 years, people thought it was a n Fill in the circle to complete the sentence. Then answer questions 3, 4, and 5.planet. Then in 2006, scientists made a1. Pluto is d ifferent from the eight planets because.new definition for the word planet. Plutoid didnt fit the new definition. But Pluto dit travels around the sunmatch the definition of a dwarf planet.it is surrounded by other objectsA dwarf planet has much in commonit is made up of gaseswith a regular planet. Both orbit the sun. 2. Pluto became a dwarf planet in. 2016Teachers Both also appear nearly round. But ats 2015A S AN regular planet does not have any objec2006U.S. $19.99Resource Book New Horiz n ons took th a a is p rth h . otoin its way as it travels around the sun.s. 3. In your mind, which reason is the strongest one for naming Pluto of Pluto a ie d s tis e t nt it bck toPluto is surrounded by other icy objectNASA sc n s on E ientists say it is not a planet. a dwarf planet?So scGRADE EMC ISBN For many years there was confusion about Pluto. It seemed much different than the eight planets. It is very small. Pluto is even smaller than the Earths moon! It is also very far away from the sun. It takes 1 3231 978-1-62938-315-6 Pluto 248 years to travel around the sun. It only takes the Earth one 4. What is your opinion about the discovery made in 2016?year. Also, Pluto is covered in ice. The eight planets are made up of mostly rock or gases. ine In 2015, the New Horizons space probe flew by Pluto. It took n2 3232 978-1-62938-316-3 years for New Horizons to reach Pluto. Astronomers were excited 5. What is the authors purpose in writing this text?about the photographs and measurements it took. They were ableto see what looked like mountains of ice on Pluto.3 3233 978-1-62938-317-0 Early in 2016, two scientists used mathematical models and computers to discover somethingWrite About the Topic NamePluto4 3234 978-1-62938-318-7 new. They nicknamed it PlanetUse the Writing Form to write about what you read.Nine. Although they have not seen it yet, they think it is a planet much larger than Pluto.A S AN Write from the point of view of Pluto. Explain what 5 3235 978-1-62938-319-4 They hope other scientists willuar orizons was l r a o unch a e p d ab a o n ard a r rl ocke r t o i n.happened in 2006, and what has happened since then. help them search the night skyNew H y 19, 2006, f m C e C avea, Flodafor the new giant. Jan ading PracticeEMC 3233 Eva or Corp. 92Writing Form Nonfiction Reading PracticeEMC 3233 Evan-Mor CorN p. ASA6 3236 978-1-62938-320-0 Nonfiction Re n-MoEvan-Moor Corp.EMC 3233Nonfiction Reading Practice96 Pluto Pluto 978/4/16 8:42 AM3233_AK_OFF.indb 973233_AK_OFF.indb 96 8/4/16 8:42 AM16 Evan-Moor'