b'READINGDaily Reading ComprehensionImprove students reading comprehension and test scoreswith an easy-to-use format!Grades 1830 weeks10- to 15-minute lessonsDaily Reading Comprehension has been a classroom favorite for providing daily instructionof reading strategies and comprehension skills that students need to become strong and successful readers. In the 30 weeks of daily practice activities, students are asked to apply reading skills and strategies to 150 fiction and nonfiction passages. Whats new in the revised edition?Grades 12: These titles include new visual aid pages to help students apply reading skills and strategies to daily passages. The content is the same. Grades 38: These titles include visual aid pages and all-new constructed responsequestions, replacing the multiple choice format. The reading selections are the same.Use this series with Reading Comprehension Fundamentals for a powerful teachingduo. Engage your students in reading, thinking about, and responding to a variety ofpassages and texts.208 reproducible pages. U.S. $29.99Teachers Edition U.S. $7.99Individual Student BookGRADE EMC ISBN GRADE EMC ISBN1 3611 978-1-62938-474-0 1 6361 978-1-62938-509-92 3612 978-1-62938-475-7 2 6362 978-1-62938-511-23 3613 978-1-62938-476-4 3 6363 978-1-62938-513-64 3614 978-1-62938-477-1 4 6364 978-1-62938-515-05 3615 978-1-62938-478-8 5 6365 978-1-62938-517-46 3616 978-1-62938-479-5 6 6366 978-1-62938-519-8 Better Together7 3617 978-1-62938-480-1 7 6367 978-1-62938-521-18 3618 978-1-62938-481-8 8 6368 978-1-62938-523-5 Reading Comprehension FundamentalsHelp students improve their reading comprehension with this focused approach! Grades 16Reading Comprehension Fundamentals provides you tools to target reading skills and strategies with which students need the most help. The series includes fiction and nonfiction texts to provide students ample reading experiences. The comprehensive units develop a deep understanding of each skill and strategy introduced.Each of the approximately 35 units focuses on one reading skill, strategy,text structure, or genre, such as:Main Idea and Details Compare and Contrast TeachersU.S. $23.99 Resource Book Making Inferences GRADE EMC ISBN Cause and Effect Authors Purpose 1 2421 978-1-62938-460-3Each unit includes a review page2 2422 978-1-62938-461-0for students to show understanding. 3 2423 978-1-62938-462-74 2424 978-1-62938-463-4This series complements the 5 2425 978-1-62938-464-1skills and strategies practiced inDaily Reading Comprehension! 6 2426 978-1-62938-465-8176 reproducible pages.15'