b'READINGRead & Understandwith Leveled TextsGrades K6Read and Understand with Leveled Textsis the perfect classroom resource to strengthen comprehension and vocabulary skills! Supplement your core reading program with texts leveled according to guided reading or Lexile leveling criteria. Each selection is accompanied by follow-up activities for comprehension, vocabulary, and other reading skills, making it an easy and effective way to provide extra reading practice and test preparation.25 leveled reading selections help differentiate instruction. Activities cover a variety of skills, such as classifying, recalling information,and comparing and contrasting. Grades 26 also include a comparing texts section.160 reproducible pages. TeachersU.S. $21.99Resource BookThe Missing Ring NameThe Missing Ring GRADE EMC ISBNSequencing Number the events below in the order in which they happened in the story. K 3440 978-1-60823-669-5 Anna found the ring. Anna climbed the ladder to the crows nest. 1 3441 978-1-60823-670-1 Annas mother told her that the ring was missing. Anna tried on the ring. Anna went to soccer practice. 2 3442 978-1-60823-671-8 Anna looked for the ring. A crow took a bead from Annas mothers sewing basket and flew off. 3 3443 978-1-60823-672-5Anna slipped her mothers ring onto her finger and watched the gems sparkle Anna put the ring on the dresser.in the sunlight that streamed through the open window. ed. I need more blue Compound Word Search4 3444 978-1-60823-673-2Anna, please hurry with the thread, her mother cal Find these compound words from the story in the word search puzzle and circle them.for the forget-me-nots.Anna took off the ring, set it back on the dresser, and hurried downstairs.p. Read and Understand with Leveled Texts, Grade 4EMC 3444 Evan-Moor Cor another downstairs halfway somehow upstairsHeres the thread, she said, admiring the blouse her mother wasp. Read and Understand with Leveled Texts, Grade 4EMC 3444 Evan-Moor Cor anyway everywhere maybe sunlight whenever 5 3445 978-1-60823-674-9embroidering. That blouse is sure to win a prize at the fair.Win or lose, her mother said, hand-sewing and embroidering are familyt bedroom grandmother playoffs upset windowsiltraditions. Your great-grandmother entered her first quilt at the fair fify years ago. Now, with machines to do the work, it seems foolish to do all this by hand. At the6 3446 978-1-60823-675-6 same time, while Im doing it, I remember my grandmother and my mother anda d own s t a i r s dws u n l i g h t c j n b hall of us talking and sewing together. I guess Ill never stop sewing by hand.Oh! Look at the time, Anna, her mother continued. Youd better be onb i e h s t o f n r wa y e l o e eyour way to soccer practice. Dont you have a big game on Saturday? y wm r a n d d n k t h md r nSure do, said Anna. If we win, well be in the playoffs. Are you coming g mo e ep e u n y z r t w x b o vto cheer us on?ed as Anna hurried out the door.g j p y f b u h a s h o eIll be the loudest one there, Mom cal wa s w r n e e k o i m rWhen Anna returned home from practice, her mother met her at the door. u r t a c g i r umb l fAnna, did you take my ring? she asked. I set it on the dresser so it wouldnt p l a y o f f s z e v c lcatch on the threads while I was sewing, but now its not there. s d i e v e r y wh e r ee v r t a s h p x o d j st l s i mh a l f wa y g7883Read and UnderstandGrades 16The perfect resource to supplement your core reading program! Motivating reading selections accompanied by comprehension and vocabulary activities make Read and Understand a must-have resource for providing students with extra reading practice and test preparation. 144 reproducible pages.U.S. $18.99Teachers Resource BookGRADE EMC ISBNPoetry 23 3323 978-1-55799-991-734 3324 978-1-55799-992-445 3325 978-1-55799-993-156 3326 978-1-55799-994-8Science 12 3302 978-1-55799-854-523 3303 978-1-55799-855-2343304978-1-55799-856-946 3305 978-1-55799-857-614 Evan-Moor'