b'READINGDaily PhonicsHelp your students develop phonics skills in just 15 to 20 minutes a day!Grades 13, IntermediateProvide explicit, systematic phonics instruction and scaffolded practice. Daily Phonics helps young students, English learners, and struggling readers gain the phonemic awareness, decoding, and word-study skills necessary to become confident, proficient readers. Students will appreciate the simple, clear activity formats and supporting illustrations, while youll benefit from the teacher support pages containing specific suggestions for presenting each daily lesson. 208 reproducible pages.U.S. $29.99 Teachers Edition U.S. $7.99 Individual Student BookGRADE EMC ISBN GRADE EMC ISBN1 2787 978-1-60963-441-4 1 6771 978-1-60963-541-12 2788 978-1-60963-442-1 2 6772 978-1-60963-542-83 2789 978-1-60963-443-8 3 6773 978-1-60963-543-546+ 2790 978-1-60963-444-5 46+ 6774 978-1-60963-544-2Basic Phonics Skills Nameture if you hear the short a sound.Dads VanCircle the picGrades PreK3A comprehensive resourcefor reproducible phonics practice! Each level of AaBasic Phonics Skills provides you with 20 phonicsminibooks and over 200 activity pages.van Dad has a tan van.288 reproducible pages.Teachers U.S. $29.99Resource BookGRADE LEVEL EMC ISBNPreKK A 3318 978-1-55799-966-5K1 B 3319 978-1-55799-967-212 C 3320 978-1-55799-968-923 D 3321 978-1-55799-969-6 To the Teacher: Review th s e picture names with students. Recognizing the short a sound /a/ 141( cap, pig, map, rat, roe, bat )Short Vowel Sounds2004 by Evan-Moor Corp.Basic Phonics Skills, Level BEMC 3319 Take It to Your Seat: FullPhonics Centers Long or ShortColorVowels?Grades PreK3Fun, game-like formats and full-color task cards create the perfect tool to teach your students valuable phonics skills! Each level features 12 or more centers with student directions, task cards and mats, and a reproducible activity page for extra practice.192 full-color pages. Teachers U.S. $23.99Resource BookGRADE LEVEL EMC ISBNPreKK A 3327 978-1-55799-980-1 K1 B 3328 978-1-55799-981-812 C 3329 978-1-55799-982-5 5 Take It to Your SeatPhonics CentersEMC 332923 D 3330 978-1-55799-983-2 2004 by Evan-Moor Corp. 13'