b'READINGFullSkill Sharpeners: Reading Color Ideal for home or school, the engaging practice helpsto improve students reading skills.Grades PreK6This full-color book offers engaging fiction and nonfiction stories and follow-up activities that provide students with practice of essential reading skills, such as: comprehensionphonics/structural analysis vocabularygrammar fluency writing144 full-color pages.Activity BookU.S. $9.99 GRADE EMC ISBN GRADE EMC ISBNPreK 4527 978-1-59673-035-9 3 4531 978-1-59673-039-7K 4528 978-1-59673-036-6 4 4532 978-1-59673-040-31 4529 978-1-59673-037-3 5 4533 978-1-59673-041-02 4530 978-1-59673-038-0 6 4534 978-1-59673-042-7Grades K1Evan-Moor EMC 124Sequencing Books U.S. $7.99Teachers Resource BookSimple and affordable sequencingGRADE EMC ISBNbooks, ideal for primary teachers. Sequencing: CutGrades K3Students build strong sequencing skillsand Paste Activities K1 124 978-1-55799-013-6with these four fun titles that increase vocabulary orShort Story12 140 978-1-55799-029-7 provide a basis for writing simple stories.Sequencing20 reproducible pages. Read, Think, Cut, 13 139 978-1-55799-028-0 & PasteFairy Tale Sequencing 13 142 978-1-55799-031-0Alphabet PuppetsGrades PreK1Full-color animal puppets, alphabet pictureU.S. $26.99 Teacherscards, and games and activities motivate students to learnResource Bookthe 26 letters of the alphabet. Teaches essential alphabeticGRADE EMC ISBNawareness, phonemic awareness, and letter-formation skills.PreK1 2005 978-1-59673-425-8224 full-color pages.Jumbo Fun withthe AlphabetGrades PreK1Over 200 pages of curriculum-correlatedU.S. $21.99 Teachersactivities help students see, hear, say, and write the 26 lettersResource Bookof the alphabet! Teacher pages provide simple suggestionsGRADE EMC ISBNfor introducing each letter and supporting studentPreK1 2413 978-1-59673-942-0development in alphabetic awareness, print awareness, phonemic awareness, and visual discrimination. 224 reproducible pages.12 Evan-Moor'