b'VOCABULARYVocabulary FundamentalsScaffolded vocabulary activities target skills that support reading comprehension, build writing vocabulary, and improve spelling.Grades 16 Comprehensive vocabulary skill practice and test prep!42 scaffolded vocabulary skill units provide 146 activities to practice synonyms, word roots, homophones, and more.Each skill unit features three scaffolded pages of practice activities and a review cloze activity or multiple-choice test.Additional word play activities, such as puzzles and riddles, add fun vocabulary practice. 176 reproducible pages. Name:HomographsHomophones Unit 3 Name: Name:Unit 1 Homographs are words that sound the same and are spelled the same but have different meanings.You Knighted Steak Shove Homophones are words that sound alike but have differentA Merry Cawspellings and different meati ning s. elaces in a knot. Youre sitting in the back of the classroom, trying to listen to your teacher name the 50 states. I accidentally edmyshotrying to do. Write a homograph to complete each phrase. Use each word twice.However, since she has a cold, its hard to understand her. Tr t y to decipher the names ofThat was not what I was the states from what you hear! Use a map or dicionary to check your spelling. story\x1f ighttirerootcount mightlumberhidepunch1. Colie formulaCalifornia 18. Kin turkeyA. Circle the correct homophone for each clue. 1. the and countess10. a to Chicago2. Gnu sure seaTeachers 1. it isitsits19. Whisk gone son 2. to increaseaddad2. a of stairs11. to to twenty3. Mrs. ZippyU.S. $26.99Resource Book 3. a \x1f owerrowsrose4. Airy zone gnaw3. to try with all your 12. to holes in paper 20. Low wheezy Anna 4. a manmailmale4. a glass of fruit 13. not be able to go5. Hily noiseGRADE EMC ISBN 5. to stay in one placewaitweight6. Ms. Hurry 21. Master chew sets 6. to look quickly or secretlypeakpeek5. made from a cows 14. sports that you out7. Colar rod hoe6. to change a \x1f at 15. to play-and-seek 1 2801 978-1-60823-658-9 8. Row dial endB. Write the word that correctly completes each sentence. 22. Nurse duck coat awe wings and glided away.7. the buildings second 16. to pul up a weed by its9. Nip brass caw1. The hawk spread(its, its)8. to for the home team17. reads me a bedtime2 2802 978-1-60823-659-61 0. Owe high oh2. I heard a funny radio(ad, add)for the zoo. 23. Pencil vein knee awe9. elephants that along18. to cut wood into 11. Why home ink3 2803 978-1-60823-660-2 3. The climbers \x1e nal y reached the mountains(peak, peek).12. Mitch again 24. Knew hump sure 13. Mini soda4. People didnt have home computers in the(passed, past). 4 2804 978-1-60823-661-91 4. Mount Anna5. Red socks in the washer can(die, dye)white socks pink. 15. Tennis sea5 2805 978-1-60823-662-6 6. Mom planted t wo(rose, rows)of lettuce in her garden. 16. Chore jaw 1 7. Mane7. When I had the \x1f u last month, I lost some(weight, wait). 64 Vocabulary FundamentalsEMC 2804 Evan-Moor Corp. 6 2806 978-1-60823-663-3Vocabulary FundamentalsEMC 2804 Evan-Moor Corp. 14048 Vocabulary FundamentalsEMC 2804 Evan-Moor Corp.2804_New.indb 64 3/19/15 9:24 AM2804_New.indb 48 3/19/15 9:24 AM 2804_New.indb 1403/19/15 9:24 AMDaily Academic VocabularyVocabulary your students need in order to perform wellin the classroom and on assessments!Grades 26Introduce your students to the academic vocabulary words they need to perform well on classroom assignments and standardized assessments. This research- _ Daily Name__________________________________________ Academic based series contains 36 weeks of direct instruction on important words such as explain,VocabularyDay 3 identicalcreate, solve, imagine, and improve that students encounter in many academic contexts1.Howwouldyoucompletethissentence?Sayitaloudtoap . artner.No_two_stories_are_identical_because_and learning experiences. 192 pages plus downloadable resources with weekly words.2.Ifadoghadidenticalpup . pies,whatmightyousayaboutthem?Circleyouranswers_a._They_look_different_from_each_other.__b._They_look_exactly_alike._c._One_is_smaler_and_darker_than_the_other.IndividualU.S. $29.99 Teachers Edition U.S. $7.99 _d._I_cannot_tel_them_apart.Student Book 3.Whichsetoftwoproblemsare identical?Circleyouranswer. d.a. b. c. (& &GRADE EMC ISBN GRADE EMC ISBN2 2758 978-1-59673-201-8 2 6717 978-1-60963-359-2Day 4 identification3 2759 978-1-59673-202-5 3 6718 978-1-60963-360-8 1.Howwouldyoucompletethissentence?Sayitaloudtoapar . tner.A_proper_form_of_identification_should_include_4 2760 978-1-59673-203-2 4 6719 978-1-60963-361-5 2.Whichonewouldprobablynotappearonaformof identification?Circleyouranswer._a._your_name5 2761 978-1-59673-204-9 5 6720 978-1-60963-362-2 _b._your_date_of_birth_c._your_address_d._your_favorite_food Here is my 6 2762 978-1-59673-205-6 6 6721 978-1-60963-363-9 wosetsoffingerprintsarethesame.Whydoesthisfactmake identification.fing dformof ide r.3.Not erprintsagoo ntification?Circleyouranswe_a._No_one_elses_fingerprints_are_like_yours._b._Your_fingerprints_are_like_your_mothers.__c._Not_everyone_has_his_or_her_fingerprints_taken._d._Animals_have_paw_prints,_not_fingerprints.36WEEK 7 Daily Academic VocabularyEMC 2760 Evan-Moor Corp.11'