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Reading Comprehension

Studies have shown that children who independently and successfully read, process and understand information may receive a head-start in life. The ability to read and comprehend a text’s main idea as well as its key details will fundamentally benefit a child throughout his or her life — from the earliest educational years to adulthood.          ...Read more >>

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Hot Topics: High Interest Reading, Set B (Grades 4-8+)-Core Classroom Kit

Hot Topics: High-Interest Reading, Set B is a guided reading program for striving readers in grades 4 and up. This intervention resource supports struggling readers through guided instruction, audio read-alouds, and low-readability selections with compelling topics and visuals.
$349.99 (USD)

Hot Topics: High Interest Reading, Set C (Grades 4-8+)-Core Classroom Kit

Support your struggling readers with the Hot Topics: High-Interest Reading Set C Classroom Kit. With 6 copies each of the 20 reading selections, a spiral-bound Teacher's Guide, a 2-disc audio CD, and a sturdy storage box, you'll have everything you need!
$349.99 (USD)