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Kids love it, I love it!
You know it is good when the kids ask to do the book!  They love that they are able to produce a recognizable picture by following the steps.  We create stories together and they copy to start.  As we get further into the book , we create vocabulary/word lists and they formulate their own sentences.  Would love another volume at the 1-3 level.  Perfect for Special Ed kids.
Verified buyer | 3/24/2022 10:30 AM
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I would definitely purchase this again!
Great approach to get the students to expand their sentences.
Verified buyer | 10/23/2017 5:00 PM
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Great resource!!!
I bought this e-book for my 6yo son and he loves it! It is great to see how it goes from a very simple task of completing a sentence to writing a full sentence about a particular animal or thing.
Verified buyer | 7/22/2015 5:00 PM
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Makes Writing Fun!
I use this book with first and second graders that I tutor, and they love it! They love getting to learn how to write descriptively while also learning how to draw. It is a great book to teach writing.
Verified buyer | 12/9/2014 4:00 PM
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Excellent Resource
Great for getting the kids eager to write!! They loved drawing first then telling a story about their picture.
Verified buyer | 7/6/2014 5:00 PM
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This is such a fabulous book. I have been primarily using it with my twins in K-1 and also sometimes with my son in 2nd/3rd. They LOVE and never complain about writing when they get to use this book. They love to pick which picture and have fun coming up with a fun story and being creative with their drawing. They dictate and I will write it out for them and they copy- my own personal belief that copying correctly done work is better than seeing things written incorrectly. It allows them to practice handwriting through copywork and be expressive because they're not fearful to misspell anything. They are pieces of work I always keep and showcase. I love how they allow fill in, then blank lines to come up with their own who, where, what, followed by the opportunity to turn it into a paragraph/story. The ways in which it can be effectively used is endless! Wish they would make another because we've just about done them all!
Verified buyer | 8/29/2013 5:00 PM
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Very Useful Book
I first used this book several years ago for an extended school year program for students with special needs who were in the primary grades. It was shared with me by one of our special education teachers. The students found it very hard to put their thoughts into writing. Using this book, the students were focused on explaining their "drawings" and found it less stressful to put those thoughts into words. I used it again the following year in the summer program. The teacher who loaned me the book retired... and so... when I was asked to teach the Extended School Year program again this year, for a similar group of students, I rushed out to find a copy of this book. Interestingly, this group LOVES the drawing part of the activities, but about half still balk at the writing portion, but respond well to other off beat writing activities. As with most materials, it works amazingly well for some students, and others just don't get excited with it. Overall however,having used this with several different groups of students, it's a worthwhile tool to have in the toolbox.
Verified buyer | 7/27/2013 5:00 PM
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Great for building drawing confidence!
I use Draw Then Write activities as part of my literacy centers. These engage even the most reluctant artist with the easy to follow picture steps. They are so proud of their work and are inspired to write about it. A popular center in my class.
Verified buyer | 7/6/2013 5:00 PM
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Not what I Expected
I expected that the book for 4-6 would be set up similar to the 1-3 book - with the writing prompts for each grade level but a little more complicated drawing for each grade. The perfect creative writing with drawing exercise for 3 different grade levels. Unfortunately that's not what this book is. The 4th and 5th grade activities were only drawing pictures with no creative writing prompts, the 6th grade was the only one with a writing prompt. The 4-6 book was not similar to the other EM Leveled products and not up to the usual EM standards.
Verified buyer | 9/4/2012 5:00 PM
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