Reading Assessment Tasks, Grade 2 - Teacher Reproducibles, E-book EMC 3339i

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EMC Number: 3339i

Page Count: 177

EAN: 9781596737549

The busy second-grade teacher will love these colorful and efficient assessment tasks. Each performance-based assessment task is correlated to a specific grade-level standard.

Reading Assessment Tasks—Quick Check Activities makes it easy to assess student skill levels and to see where additional practice is needed. Important beginning reading skills are divided into four sections that reflect common organization of standards.

Phonemic Awareness

  • Sound Substitution
  • Initial/Final Sound Deletion
  • Initial/Final Blend Deletion

Phonics/Word Recognition:

  • Discriminates and Identifies Digraphs sh, wh, th, ch
  • Discriminates Long Vowel Spelling Patterns
  • Uses Dipthong Spelling Patterns: oi, oy, ow, ou
  • Segments Multi-Syllabic Words
  • Forms and Reads Regular Plurals
  • Reads Irregular Plurals
  • Identifies Abbreviations
  • Distinguishes Between Consonant Blends: br, dr ,tr, cr, fr, gr
  • Distinguishes Between Consonant Blends: sl, sk ,sm, st, sp, sw
  • Distinguishes Between Consonant Blends: bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, sl
  • Identifies and Reads Word Families

Vocabulary/Concept Development

  • Reads and Understands Antonyms
  • Reads and Understands Synonyms
  • Matches Words with Prefixes
  • Matches Words with Suffixes
  • Uses Multiple-Meaning Words

Reading Comprehension:

  • Understands Cause and Effect
  • Follows Written Multiple-Step Directions
  • Understands Sequence of Events

Additional Resources include:

  • Whole Class and Individual Student Checklists that make assessment results easy to organize and access.
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