Math Assessment Tasks, Grade 2 - Teacher Resource, E-book EMC 3028i

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EMC Number: 3028i

Page Count: 176

EAN: 9781596737129

The busy second-grade teacher will love these colorful and efficient assessment tasks. Each assessment task is correlated to a specific grade-level standard.

Math Assessment Tasks—Quick Check Activities
makes it easy to assess student skill levels and to see where additional practice is needed. Important beginning math skills are divided into five sections that reflect common organization of standards.

Number Sense:

  • Reads Numbers to 1,000
  • Identifies Place Value for Each Digit to 1,000
  • Uses Expanded Notation
  • Orders Numbers to 1,000
  • Compares Numbers to 1,000 Using < and >
  • Understands the Inverse Relationship Between Addition and Subtraction
  • Skip Counts by 2s, 5s, and 10s
  • Solves Multiplication Problems Using Repeated Addition
  • Solves Division Problems by Forming Equal Groups
  • Names Fractions from 1/12 to ½
  • Compares Fractions from 1/12 to ½
  • Solves Problems Using Coins/Bills
  • Rounds to the Nearest 10s Place

Measurement and Geometry:

  • Measures to the Nearest Inch and Centimeter
  • Tells Time to the Nearest Quarter-Hour
  • Understands the Relationship of Time
  • Determines Elapsed Time
  • Describes Plane and Solid Geometric Shapes According to Number and Shape of Faces, Edges, and Vertices

Statistics, Data Analysis, and Probability:

  • Interprets Data from Graphs Using Tally Marks
  • Identifies, Describes, and Extends Linear Patterns

Algebra and Functions:

  • Problem Solves and Justifies Reasoning
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