Reading Assessment Tasks, Grade K - Teacher Reproducibles, E-book EMC 3337i

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EMC Number: 3337i

Page Count: 176

EAN: 9781596737525

The busy Kindergarten teacher will love these colorful and efficient assessment tasks. Each assessment task is correlated to a specific grade-level standard.

Reading Assessment Tasks—Quick Check Activities makes it easy to assess student skill levels and to see where additional practice is needed. Important beginning reading skills are divided into four sections that reflect common organization of standards.

Concepts of Print/Print Awareness

  • Distinguishes Letters from Words
  • Demonstrates Alphabet Recognition
  • Identifies Front & Back Cover and Title Page
  • Follows Words from Left to Right and Top to Bottom
  • Understands That Printed Materials Provide Information

Phonemic Awareness

  • Identifies Beginning Sounds in an Alliterative Sentence
  • Identifies and Produces Rhyming Words
  • Identifies Beginning Consonant Sounds
  • Identifies Medial Sounds
  • Distinguishes Ending Consonant Sounds
  • Blends Onsets and Rimes
  • Segments Onsets and Rimes
  • Oral Blending Phoneme by Phoneme
  • Oral Segmentation Phoneme by Phoneme
  • Counts Syllables in Words

Phonics and Word Recognition

  • Identifies Consonant Names and Sounds
  • Matches Short Vowel Sound to the Letter
  • Matches Beginning Sound to the Correct Letter
  • Reads High-Frequency and CVC Words

Vocabulary & Concept Development

  • Understands Story Structure
  • Sorts Items into Categories

Additional Resources include:

  • Whole Class and Individual Student Checklists that make assessment results easy to organize and access.
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