How to Write Simple Science Reports, Grades 1-4 - Teacher Resource, Print EMC 395i


EMC Number: 395i

Page Count: 128

EAN: 9781596734425

Here, in one 128-page volume, is everything you need to cultivate children’s natural curiosity in wild animals and dinosaurs and turn it into 30 animal-topic reports.

Step-by-step instructions will help you guide each student in the creation of a report he or she can be proud of.

Student pages consist of:

  • a page of science information for each topic
  • patterns for report cover
  • inside report illustration for each animal topic

Topics are divided into three sections:

  • Wild Animals - bat, gorilla, koala, frog, crocodile, killer whale, lion, squirrel, tortoise, crow
  • Animal Homes - ant hill, beaver lodge, elf owl nest, squirrel nest, molehill, bird nest, prairie dog town, polar bear den, rabbit warren, trap-door spider tunnel
  • Prehistoric Animals - triceratops, woolly mammoth, archaeopteryx, compsognathus, eohippus, protoceratops, saber-toothed tiger, stegosaurus, tyrannosaurus, pteranodon.

Teaching materials cover:

  • prewriting, modeling
  • preparing materials
  • bibliography
  • discussion starters
  • writing ideas
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