Skill Sharpeners: Math, Grade 6 - Activity Book EMC 4550

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EMC Number: 4550

Page Count: 144

EAN: 9781596730588

Common Core Top Pick for Math

  • Measurement and Data
  • Numbers and Operations in Base 10
  • Geometry
  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking

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Skill Sharpeners Math, Grade 6+ provides practice for the following mathematics skills:

  • computing with multidigit whole numbers—all operations
  • solving two-step equations
  • multiplying and dividing decimals to the thousandths
  • calculating the circumference of a circle
  • calculating elapsed time
  • constructing and interpreting graphs
  • calculating with fractions
  • calculating prime factorization
  • greatest common factor and least common multiple
  • converting customary measure to metric measure
  • calculating area and perimeter
  • plotting ordered pairs on a coordinate graph
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