Skill Sharpeners: Math, Grade 6 - Activity Book EMC 4550

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EMC Number: 4550

Page Count: 144

EAN: 9781596730588

Skill Sharpeners: Math activity books help students understand and maintain important math skills in their grade level. The fun activities provided in each unit create enjoyable learning experiences for children.
Each title includes:
  • Colorful and engaging practice pages.
  • Themed units that provide practice of important grade-level math concepts.
  • A “test your skills” option at the end of each unit that gives a clear picture of whether or not the skills have been mastered.
Perfect as an at-home activity book, homeschool curriculum resource, or after-school enrichment, Skill Sharpeners: Math helps students master important skills in measurements, data, numbers, and computation needed to form a strong math foundation.

Skill Sharpeners Math, Grade 6+ provides practice for the following mathematics skills:

  • computing with multidigit whole numbers—all operations
  • solving two-step equations
  • multiplying and dividing decimals to the thousandths
  • calculating the circumference of a circle
  • calculating elapsed time
  • constructing and interpreting graphs
  • calculating with fractions
  • calculating prime factorization
  • greatest common factor and least common multiple
  • converting customary measure to metric measure
  • calculating area and perimeter
  • plotting ordered pairs on a coordinate graph
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