Take It To Your Seat: Reading and Language Arts Centers, Grade 1 -Teacher Resource, E-book EMC 2841i

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EMC Number: 2841i

Page Count: 160

EAN: 9781609632021

Motivate your students to practice reading and language skills!

Help your grade 1 students practice and reinforce reading and language skills using the delightful, highly-motivating centers in Take It to Your Seat Reading and Language Centers, Grade 1.

12 full-color centers cover the following standards-correlated skills:

  1. Word Families
    Students decode short vowel word families: -ack, -and, -est, -ink, -og, -um
  2. Parts of a Sentence
    Students categorize parts of a sentence: Who or What, Action, and Where
  3. Read the Rhyme
    Students identify rhyming pairs and order phrases to create a couplet
  4. One or More?
    Students identify singular and plural nouns
  5. Syllable
    Students count the number of syllables in a word: 1, 2, or 3
  6. Alphabetize
    Students alphabetize words to the first letter
  7. Real or Make-believe
    Students distinguish between real and make-believe
  8. Make Them Match
    Practice subject/verb agreement
  9. Compound Words
    Student identify the two words that form a compound word
  10. Find the Sentences
    Students identify complete sentences
  11. Put It in Order
    Students sequence events to make a sensible story
  12. Predict the End
    Students choose a predictable end to a sentence
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