Daily Language Review, Grade 6 - Interactive Lessons Trial EMC 5736

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EMC Number: 5736

EAN: 9781608239054

"After state testing in both 3rd and 5th grades, I asked my students what we did in the classroom that helped them most toprepare. Both classes unanimously voted for Evan-Moor's Daily Language Review."
-Heather G.
Elementary School Teacher

Give your sixth-graders the focused language arts practice they need to develop strong language skills.

36 weeks of instruction cover standards-based skills such as:

Reading Comprehension:

  • analogies
  • categorizing
  • cause and effect
  • fact and opinion
  • figurative language
  • inference

Vocabulary/Word Study

  • base words, prefixes, suffixes
  • contractions
  • homophones
  • synonyms & antonyms
  • word meaning from context
  • spelling
  • phonics


  • punctuation at the end of a sentence
  • periods in abbreviations and initials
  • underlining magazines, books, plays
  • run-on sentences
  • quotation marks in speech, songs, poems, and short stories
  • commas in a series, in dates, in addresses, to separate dialogue, in direct address/interjections, in compound sentences, after an introductory phrase/clause, and with nonrestrictive appositives
  • apostrophes in contractions & possessives


  • sentence beginning
  • days, months, holidays
  • books, songs, poems
  • proper names and titles of people
  • names of places

Grammar and Usage

  • correct article, determiner, adjective
  • types of adjectives & adverbs
  • singular & plural nouns
  • subject & object pronouns
  • possessive nouns
  • common & proper nouns
  • verb forms
  • verb tense
  • subject/predicate
  • parts of speech
  • comparative & superlative forms
  • subject/verb agreement
  • sentence types
  • double negatives
  • combining sentences

Reference Skills

  • alphabetical order
  • dictionary guide words
  • reference materials
  • syllabication
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